H2O:Rikki Chadwick A Rikki Friendship?

lexichristina posted on Jun 28, 2011 at 09:25PM
i was also just thinking of forming a group of three girls that are all like rikki, we could still get the lockets, like friendship necklaces, and we can all just be close friends, be there for each other, talk about life or whatever, just be amazing friends :)
so anyone interested?

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hampir setahun yang lalu zikkifan4ever said…
im just like rikki! but i do not look like her. i act like her. im rebellious, adventurous, smart, and i have a really short temper. oh but i do not stink at singing. ;) no offence to rikki tho. shes m 2nd fave singer. lol. i look like the exact opposite of her tho. i think rikki is amazing and shes my role model ad she is soooo pretty. and she my favorite charactor ever. =D and i really dont care about my looks. i like comfortable. im not girly whatsoever. and i am ultimately the biggest rikki fan ever, i love her!! and im so sad that theres prob no season 4 but theres this spinoff series. mako island of secrets. it wont replace h2o. =) ok yes im interested. =)
hampir setahun yang lalu lexichristina said…
coolness :P im the same, i dont look like her either hahah whats your fb URL ill add you :P