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Liepe posted on Jun 15, 2011 at 09:22PM
Okay guys, like I've promised, I am going to throw a party for all of you for reaching 400 fans. And here it is!

The party is going to be held in the Room of Requirement.
The colours are peuple, black and white. No house colours! This is a nutural praty. I suck with decribing rooms, so I'll leave that up to you guys ;).

Anyone and everyone is invited. It's kinda like a Role Play, so you can be anyone you want. First come first severed! If someone has taken a certain HP character, then you can't have that person, unless you ask for a swap with the person who chose the character, makes sence?

You are alowed your own person. Just do a profile.

Profile Example:

Bio: [Perferably short, like just your background, like are you a muggle born, and stuff like that.]

Teachers are not really welcome, because that would just be weird, unless they are pollyjucied (Sorry if it is spelt wrong) as a sudent, then I guess that's okay...

HP characters that have died in the books or movies may come back to life. It'll be like they never died!

You may have up to five characters, one being the least, duh.

When you have made the person, or chosen a HP character, please put it into curly brackets {}, so I can put it up here so no one can use it aswell. EG: {I am using Harry Potter, okay}.

The party is under yours, and everyone else you decides to join, control. You can change the music, and random stuff like that.

When you just want to talk to and not your character, please put it into brackets (). Did that make snese?. EG: (Hey guys, what's happening so far?)


That is all :P. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!

Liepe: Own character, Violet. Harry Potter. Blaise Zabini.
Ostepop: Draco Malfoy. Ron Weasly
 Okay guys, like I've promised, I am going to throw a party for all of anda for reaching 400 fans. And
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