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 Forget Ginny Weasley - Hermione is the one for Harry!
Forget Ginny Weasley - Hermione is the one for Harry!
Harry and Ginny are like James and Lily? Certainly not!

All Harinny supporters Cinta to tell us how Harry and Ginny are a replica of James and Lily.
“Ginny and Lily share common traits” they say. Ask them to tunjuk a senarai of evidences – anda wont find anything beyond “Both have red hair.”
Oh wow! What a big proof! Now this is why Ginny is Harry’s soulmate – she has red hair. So hair colour is enough to make her Lily? Hermione can dye her hair red guys – don’t forget that there is a whole range of colour dyes available. LOL!

Hermione is the one who is lebih like...
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Video credit: RadcliffeWatson @YouTube
Ciuman complilation interviews
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The Black Lake

The Black Lake in the Hogwarts Grounds looks mystical during the sunset. There are different shades of blue, merah jambu and purple in the darkening sky, all reflected on the magical lake full of merpeople, grindylows and the Giant Squid. The forest and the Grounds were full of greens, anda could even smell the forests natural scent. The soft surface of the rumput was pleasing, relaxing even. This is a great place to come and think things through, to escape from reality.

The zamrud, emerald eyed, raven haired Harry Potter was sitting near the Black Lake, gazing at the sunset, thinking of everything:...
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