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It was a dark rain night and Harry and Harry and Hermione were sitting in the tent, Hermione was reading, while Harry was scratching down Rawak things from him last inside into Voldermorts mind. Ron had left weeks ago, and harry knew he was not coming back. Hermione stopped crying herself to sleep two weeks back, this made Harry sleep better at night. He knew she was crushed sejak Ron's actions, but he knew better then to push her about it, Hermione was strong.

"Harry, I'm going to go to bed" she closed her book and half smiled at him, he only nodded. a about ten minit later her soft snoring...
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. JK Rowling does and I don't own the song Lifehouse does, It is what it is!

A/N: It took a tahun to write this so I hope anda enjoy this. Also it is long but I couldn’t cut it out. I know it is suppose to be short but I don’t know the meaning to short Harmony peminat Songs. Some scenes were from my own creation. I felt it was right! :)

'I was only looking for a shortcut home'

I can only hear her sobbing as I walk away. Her cries made my hati, tengah-tengah sink. I knew I shouldn't have berkata goodbye but I had to see her one last time before I died. I walk into the forbidden...
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 harmione!!! :))
harmione!!! :))
Cinta NEED NOT always tunjuk itself outside predominantly. Cinta can be expressed silently too. Cinta is there deep within for these two even though they don’t realise it. And not everyone can see it.sometimes even the ones in Cinta don’t realise it.That’s what I have seen and I believe and that’s what makes me fond of this couple, that’s what makes me a harmony fan!!! - emilykuru (me myself)

I’m a proud harmony peminat for that is the way the story should have gone.
I’ve always found jkr to be a splendid writer and everything about hp has always been satisfying ,whole and complete to me....
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