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posted by lovestorygirl1
I walked into McGonagalls office."God he is so frustrating."She sighed."Yes well he is your ex-husband your bound to think that."I shook my head."I've been trying since we got divorced to find the right woman for him, somebody to match up with his personality. I'm beginning to wonder if the world population isn't too limited."She looked at me."Vicki."Her voice sounded frustrated."ItsHe wants to meet Sammy but I dont like it." "Well she is his too.And he hasnt seen her in 2 years."I sighed.She was right.
"Sammy!"I called.Seveus was here to take her with him for a coupple of days.Sammy came down."Hi!"She...
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A video based on a fanfiction 'The Darkness Within' By:Kurinoone
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"So, ready to tango?" James asked with a glint in his eye Lily couldn't quite identify.

"Yeah, sure – actually, James, wait. We need to talk."

"Oh, Lily, surely anda can't be breaking up with me already!"

"James!" Lily hit him again, and was prepared to do it again and again; because even though she was opposed to physical violence on principle, it was literally the only thing that worked on James. "Shut up. Can't anda take this seriously, just for once?"

"Is something wrong, Lils? Is it Snape? Did he... do something?"

"No, James, nothing's wrong. And it isn't Snape. It's you, actually."

"Me? But...
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Source: I don't own, I edited a couple, and a couple were done for me. But I don't own them.
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Chapter Five

They stood like that for the longest time, James resting his chin on Lily's forehead, holding her, trying to wordlessly communicate so many things that could never be berkata aloud, at least not yet, not while she was this vulnerable, not while the both of them were still finding their footing as seventh-years. But one hari they would be said, James promised himself, one hari before graduation he would tell her all those things he'd been dying to say ever since Krismas of sixth year. It had been then, as he watched her Ciuman some Ravenclaw under a bough of mistletoe and wished harder...
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Chapter Four

The rest September passed pretty much without incident for the Marauders – a disrupted class here, a minor prank there – and they were itching to do something more, to remind the entire school who they were, and tunjuk off to the firsties, many of whom had heard stories from their older siblings.
Well, Sirius, Remus and Peter were. James, on the other hand, was unwilling to risk the wary friendship he and Lily now had with something as immature as switching around equipment in the Potions supply closet. There was also the matter of his Head Boy-ship – to be quite honest, the...
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Chapter Eight

Lily stared at the ground, at her hands, out the window; at anything that wasn't James's sympathetic gaze. She simply couldn't take it right now.

"Lily..." he began hesitantly. Lily looked still further away and snapped, "don't!". The illusion that she was somewhere within the lines of okay was kept up until James tentatively wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't know."

Lily let out a pahit laugh. "Of course anda didn't know, anda couldn't have! I haven't told anybody. Do anda really think that I want people to know that the Ministry isn't even trying to find...
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posted by lovestorygirl1
Snap's pov
I walkedfrom my chamber.It was chrismas break so I had no classes to teach.As I made my way to the great hall I saw her.Sara Moconally she was not really a tipical which.She was actually McGonagall's grandaughter.She had the ability to change her aperence like hair color and eye color.She was the darkest lookingGriffindor I had ever met.She had perfect grades and keep to her self mostly but as I look around she seemed to have many friends.She just didnt realize it.I knew that Draco fancyed her which suprized me.She was a blood traitor.Today she ws wearing all black and looked quiet...
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 "Not classily beautiful, but with strong heavy features that lingered in the mind, when the faces of other young girls blended together."
"Not classily beautiful, but with strong heavy features that lingered in the mind, when the faces of other young girls blended together."
This is just an idea - its still in progress so check back regularly :)
I had the idea to chronicle Bellatrix's decent into madness using her sexual encounters.
Very mature rating with themes of rape and violence!
They will be in form of about 20 short drabbles.

Here we goooooo

Bellatrix Black: Walnut, 12¾", dragon heartstring

Bellatrix blinked back the tears that had formed in her eyes as Rosier shrugged on his robes and quickly excited the room. Laius Rosier was an old friend of her fathers whom had just telah diberi her the first glass of firewiskey she had ever had. She hadn’t liked it,...
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Chapter Two

James flopped down seterusnya to Sirius with a sigh. ”For Merlin's sake, how does she do it?”
After six years, the Marauders knew not to interrupt when James started going on and on (and on) about Lily. “I mean, I didn't think it was possible for her to be lebih attractive than she was last tahun – remember last year?” The Marauders nodded. “Yeah, well, Merlin knows it's about twice that now. I mean, she's just kind of grown into herself a little, yeah? And – and – I could go on all hari –“
“Please don't, mate,” Sirius said, effectively stopping James' rant. The not...
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Chapter One

Lily knew that her seventh and final tahun at Hogwarts was going to be the hardest yet. Not only was she just getting over the death of her parents in early March, but she had the N.E.W.T's coming up – and to add to all the stress of it, she had been chosen as Head Girl. She had tried to decline the position, politely of course, but Professor Dumbledore would hear nothing of it. The phrase he used in his last letter still made her smile when she thought of it: ”There is no other girl in the seventh tahun that I would entrust this position to, due to certain special circumstances...
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The tahun is 1966 - Bellatrix Lestrange is at utama for the summer - playing with her sisters. ( atau so she calls it )-Tormenting them is lebih like it.
" CISSY!!! Get IN HERE! I want to practice something on you." Bellatrix demanded of her littlest sister Narcissa. In walked this this slender little pale blonde. She looked annoyed with her boisterous sister.

" AND-what if I say NO! What about THAT, anda never thought about my answer did anda BELLA?" replied Narcissa with a haughty tone.

" OH get the stick out of your keldai CISSY. You're not SOME RICH BROAD anda know. IM THE OLDEST, what I say goes."...
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