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 Glock 17 loaded with Bronze Alloy Bullets
Glock 17 loaded with Bronze Alloy Bullets
Name: Alec Weston

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Immortal Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Diana Weston



Personality: Hot-Headed, Intellectual, Untrusting

Abilities: Shadow Travel, Hellfire

Weapons: Glock 17(Which he keeps hidden)
//Other Equipment: Bronze Koto Blade

kabin Symbol: ♎️

Not much is known of the Eldest son of Hades, yet out of the ordinary, the man simply showed up at camp one day. Not a word was spoken, for his wounds were substantial, and the rule was "no demigod left behind."
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the pitt
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Full Name: Blake Ironheart
Meaning: None
Hometown: Rubble Town, The Pitt
Current Residence: Travelling
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: [Doesnt have to be exact] 6"
Weight: [underweight, average, overweight] Average
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Pittian?
Birthday: [Include year.] August 22 2019
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Compatibility: [Ex. The tikus is compatible with the Monkey and the Dragon; it is not compatible with the Horse.] Ox, Dragon, Roster, Tiger
Greek Zodiac: Leo
Ruling Planet(s): The Sun
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Red
Hair Type: [Here's where anda put anything else about your character's hair; Has it...
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Hi to whoever might feel nostalgic and is back here on this club Membaca this! :) y’all don’t know me because this account is a new one I made specifically just to post this because I forgot the kata laluan to my old account LOL but I was percabeth_forev :D

I never really formed bonds with many, if any at all, with anda guys. I was always too shy and I felt really really awkward plus the differing time zones really didn’t help. I was about 12, atau maybe even younger when I first joined this club. I was there when this was first created too, too bad I wasn’t able to stick around till the end...
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anda know you're Poseidon's kid when...

1)Water bottles explode when you're angry

2)Every vacation anda go on is to a pantai atau lake

3)You sometimes forget your Friends can't breathe underwater

4)The only Blade anda use on Buah Ninja is the water blade (with the tsunami background of course)

5)You've been jet-sking, whitewater rafting, tubing, and cliff-diving but dislike "extreme sports"

6)Dolphins and ikan follow anda in the water, which anda find creepy

7)Horses feel the need to call anda boss

8)You have a collection of dorky ocean metaphors that no one understands

9)You fight the urge to hide under your...
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 Cinta her.
love her.
Hello, my peepes if I have any at all. This is one of those "Get To Know" thingys. Well here we go I guess. (Im doing this on a Tablet so be prepared for anything being gramaticly incorrect. Bring it on ya Grammer Nazis!XD

Lets see… Hi my real name is Jaeda. Im in some Rps in this club. I live here in the beautiful USA. I have a mother and a step dad. Two twin older sisters, they are currently in college. I live in Arizona, nothing but sand and dust. It gets to you.
In my school Im known as the slightly off rocker chick. My fave band of all time is Paramore. Im all about strong female rockers,...
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