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 yay for seni peminat :D can we all say "doesnt have ties with Deviant Art"?
yay for fan-art :D can we all say "doesnt have ties with Deviant Art"?
This is my first character sheet so please bare with me x]

State: California

Name: Claire (Carreido) Jones

Nick Name: Cali

Birthday: September 9, 1850 (the hari she became a state)

Motto: No me digas!! (very loosely translated from Spanish: Noooooo waaaaaaaaay :O!!)

State-162 (old o3o)
Human-16 - 17ish


Looks: OLD- During and just after she was under Mexican rule, California would wear long, dressy skirts and shirts, while her hair in a single braid down her back. However, she changed her look over time to be lebih comfortable and to fit the ever changing fashions of her all-american...
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It seemed to the states that the guests arrived all at once.
"Another round of beers for the awesome! Keseseses!"
"Don't touch me, taco-eating bastard! Go get me something to drink, jackass!"
"I totally would have brought my kuda, kuda kecil here if I knew anda liked horses!"
"I think Angletere is avoiding me... What do anda think ladies?"
Some of the states were hurrying around bringing countries drinks and snacks. Virginia was up at the turntables grinning at the crowd in front of her. America beamed at how well the states were behaving.
He felt a tap on his shoulder, "America, what are these minors doing at...
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My Profile

State Name: Hawaii

Capital: Honolulu

Government: Under a Democratic rule.

Language: English and Hawaiian

Human Name: Malalani Pua (her last name is suppose to be Jones, but she decided to keep her old name)

Age: 16, but can look younger due to shortness and slightness.

Hair Color: Deep brown, almost black.

Eye Color: Same as hair.

Height: 5'1 ft
Weight: 112 lb

Body Parts:
Scar over eye-Pearl Harbor
Hibiscus bunga in hair- Honululu

Personality: Mature, can be sweet, is not easily angered, unless her enemies are close, considers herself an older sibling to the other states. Can be get nervous around...
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posted by Malalani_Hawaii
America stood in the middle of his large living room, tapping his foot anxiously. This was the first time that he had decided to allow his states to participate at one of his big blowout parties. Not to mention the first time that most of the nations would ever meet them as states. England knew them as colonies, Spain met them as territories, some of the states were once nations. But one on thing was for sure.
America was keeping France away from them as much as possible.
The states, however, were extremely excited for the party. Some had old caretakers that couldn't wait to reunite, if only...
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