High Scool Musical HSM: What is it really?

friendsrox posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 10:30AM
What is HSM? REALLY?
A) is it a cool and funky high school themed musical 4 teens?
b) or is it a ''feelgood'' flick for little kids?

the HSM phase is so yesterday. trying to tame audiences of all ages to watch it.
firstly based for little kids around 8-12 and wanting teenage audiences sticking hollywood heartthrob who is actually gay, Zac Efron to entice the girls and putting in 2 babes Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Ann Hudgens to lure the teen boys watching it. it is a ridiciulous set of movies and i can't w8 till it ends.
have you seen all the shitty merchindise the shops offer?
little karoake sets and microphones and tabourines and it's like, who gives a damn, a fricken damn? who buys this junk? im thinking to myself! zac efron obsessed fans?
also the songs? being a rock music fan, i think all the hsm junk is seriously overrated, oh yeah, like everyone's heard ''Where all in this together'' oh a shit poppy song that lures homosexuals in.
hsm should be banned. it's a stupid musical?
Did you know all the HSM guys are gay?
Vanessa and Ashley have already supposedly had 25 botox injections each?
and 4get the Zanessa and Zashley. It's not true coz Zac Efron is one major gay pouffter.

thanks 4 reading, what do you think about HSM?

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hampir setahun yang lalu lil_miss_krazy said…
whoeva posted dis is da biggest loser eva.no offence.lol
hampir setahun yang lalu friendsrox said…
mmmm whatev. lotz of people agree wit me. u can hve ur opinion but 2 me hsm will always suck!

hampir setahun yang lalu IHateEfron23 said…

hampir setahun yang lalu friendsrox said…
thankyou I HATE ZAC EFRON 2

hampir setahun yang lalu Sophiii said…
Oh no, I tried to report this forum-chain but I accidently reported the spot. Ehh.

This is a very offensive post. Really. Please grow up.
last edited hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu friendsrox said…
SORRY that i offended you. if u really like hsm that is your decision. sorry 4 telling u wht 2 do.
if u lyk hsm, rock on sista.
believe in wht u believe in!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu laurenadams said…
hsm is the most overated stupid movie i agree wit u zac efron is GAY!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu hibeam said…
Whoa, you sure about that botox stuff lol
hampir setahun yang lalu friendsrox said…
nada, sorry m8

hampir setahun yang lalu franzee said…
think what you gotta think..
i dont think zac's that gay..but i do think he is sometimes..
i dont like him that much either..
but for HSM..he's alright..

but about the 2 girls having injects?