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posted by Irene3691
A couple of months goes sejak and his leg is getting better. He wakes up and Lisa is still asleep. Greg stares at her belly and smiles. He hugs her and then thinks of their baby. Cuddy opens her eyes and smiles.
‘Morning. I’m huge, uh?’ Today they’ll know if they are having a boy atau a little girl. ‘Are anda coming with me later?’
‘Of course, I'm not gonna leave my little ikan paus alone...’ House smirks.
‘I don’t like that nickname…’ She says serious. ‘Wow, aren’t anda a bit nervous? What do anda think we’ll have?’
‘Hmmm... I think we'll have a boy, I had a hunch!!’
‘And anda prefer a girl atau a boy?’
‘Uh... it doesn't really matter if he atau she's healthy...’
She smiles at him. ‘Let’s find it out.’

They get dressed and get to the hospital. Once there, they wait until the doctor calls them.
‘Here we go...’ He gives her a Ciuman and they come in. They take a sit there and the doctor brings them the file.
‘Come on, read it!!’ House closes his eyes.
‘It is... a boy!’ Reads Lisa, and he doctor smiles at them.
‘Congratulations. anda are gonna have a healthy boy.’
‘Oh, I knew it, I knew it!!!’ House says excited. Lisa smiles at him and they kiss. He caresses her belly and shakes doctor’s hand.
‘Thank you’

House and Cuddy leave the hospital and go back home. They go to the living room and sit down in the couch.
‘Wow... a boy...’
‘Our little boy.’ Lisa says.
‘We can choose a name since we know it's a boy... don't anda think?’
‘Yes, that's a good idea.’
‘Which names anda like most?’ Greg says caressing her hair.
‘I like James, like uncle Jimmy.’ She smiles. ‘Which one do anda like?’
‘Hmm... I like... Hugh... it sounds good.’
‘Hugh House... it sounds good, yes. But James House sounds good as well.’
‘Well, it's clear... let's mix them.’
Lisa chuckles. ‘What about… Hugh James? anda like it?’
‘Sounds good to me... Hugh James House...’
‘I like it very much.’ Lisa touches her belly and smiles looking at Greg. He kisses her belly.
‘Hi there, Hugh James... it's daddy out here... how is it going buddy??’
Cuddy smiles stupidly while she stares at him. ‘You're gonna be a great dad.’
‘Well, I can guess we both are gonna have fun...’
‘I’m sure of that.’ They Ciuman sweetly and House stares at her belly. She talks.
‘It’s incredible to feel him.’
‘I'm looking ke hadapan to seeing him... out of anda I mean, as two different people...’
‘Yes, yes, I get it. Look.’ Cuddy takes his hand and puts it on her belly. ‘Can anda feel it?’
‘Oh my God!! If he keeps on kicking your belly so hard he's gonna get out of there right now!!! Like an alien os something...’
‘Greg for God's sake...’
‘Hahaha...’ He laughs.
‘You’ve just called our son “alien”.’
‘No, no, no... I berkata he was gonna get out in the alien way...’
‘Yes... Thanks for all that concerns me...’
He chuckles and kisses her. When he is gonna separate from her, she puts her hands on his neck and gets him closer to her. She kisses him deeper and House puts his arms around her body, being careful with her belly.
‘I was starting to miss this...’ Lisa says and hugs him while they kiss. House chuckles and jokes.
‘I don't like the idea of making Cinta in front of our son but... I hope he doesn't notice... and I don't want to disappoint anda either...’
‘Well... if anda don’t like the idea anda can wait 3 months more... ah no wait, then I won’t have him inside but he will be in the room seterusnya door... So I think you’ll have to wait... like eighteen years at least.’
‘Oh dear... it doesn't sound very good...’
‘I’m not so patient...’
‘Neither am I...’ He kisses her and Lisa caresses her back.
‘Wait, can we go somewhere lebih comfortable?’
‘Yeah, yeah.... sure...’

House helps her to stand up and kisses her while they go to the bedroom and lie on bed.
‘You prefer this room??’ He smiles and kisses her. Lisa nods and chuckles.
‘More comfortable for us three.’
‘Oh no... anda shouldn't have berkata that...’
‘Two, two, just the two of us! Hugh is asleep.’
‘Much better, thanks...’ He lies seterusnya to her and they Ciuman passionately.

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
posted by huddy_aimee
hey, this is a oneshot, I wont explain to anda what its about because I want it to be a surprise…hoping for lots and lots of reviews!!! anyway, short authors note, and I will be updating my other fics soon…
read and review (fanpoppers, RATE!!!)

-The Last Page-
    An office was all she had to tunjuk for her life’s achievements. It had her history recorded in it since she had finished up at university. Her name was plastered across the door, but that didn’t mean the office would be hers forever. She could be fired, she could retire atau she could just drop from the face...
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posted by cudambercam13
"Okay, we just need sugar and susu and we're done." Foreman and Thirteen were at the grocery store. "What kind of sugar do anda want?" "Isn't there only one kind?" Foreman laughed. "Do anda want white atau pink?" Thirteen squinted her eyes at the merah jambu box in wonder. "No way! They make merah jambu sugar!? We should get both!" She tossed the sugar in the shopping cart. "I heard merah jambu sugar gives anda cancer." "That must suck... hei isn't that Wilson?"
Foreman turned around, and sure enough, there was Wilson. "Oh my GOD!!!" Thirteen shreeked. "He's with Karamel!" They laughed at it for a few minutes, and...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: Sorry guys I have been in exams but well I find time on the weekends so here is chapter 6. Also reviews are Cinta and Cinta is Huddy. So if anda want lebih Huddy anda know what to do know! LOL Mmh…well this is a Huddy chapter so anda really can’t complain. =)

House entered Cuddy’s office, the door being slammed sejak him. Cuddy didn’t raise her eyes from the file she was Membaca since the only person that didn’t knock before entering her office was House.

“What do anda want?” She snapped.

“Stacy.” Cuddy raised her eyes. At first she thought House was kidding but then she realized...
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"You left things hanging with her. anda didn't even talk to her before anda left."

Wilson was calling. It was their first phone call in a month. His voice was fairly unsteady and shaky, as House spoke calmly, however, with a sense of regret and pain in his voice.

"I left things hanging--for a reason."
"She needs to know why. Why, and what."
"Just--I haven't spoken atau seen her in days. The last thing I can do for her right now is have her visit me."
"Just talk to her. She doesn't even need to come. Just call her."
"And what."
"You don't even need to tell her anything. Just let her know, you're okay....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The door swung open at Michigan Police Department and House entered the place. He immediately saw Cuddy who was seated across the meja, jadual of a cop. She was chilling and wet and somewhat afraid of everyone that she could see. In House’s hati, tengah-tengah was a deep sense of sympathy, care and anger. Cuddy looked at him as he stood there beside him. His eyes grew wider when he noticed bruises in her eyebrow and cheeks. There were scratches in her arms and although she was hiding them, they were wounds on her knees. His breathe was shallow as she immediately clung on him.
House drove Cuddy back to Plainsboro....
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posted by peoplesuck
This is the seterusnya scene of part 1. As always please comment. =)

The seterusnya morning the alarm clock went off at five thirty and Cuddy went through her usual routine of hiding the evidence only without the caffeine pills and coffee. It felt she was moving in slow motion, exhaustion weighing down each limb like lead. She had not slept at all the night before. Without her sleeping pills she was unable to sleep at all. As if her hari wasn’t already off to a bad start when she walked outside she discovered that her tires had been slashed, all four of them. Cuddy looked at her watch, it was six in the...
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This is a bio for a character for a fic I might write, it's going to be Huddy. Please let me think if anda think this is an interesting character.

Character Bio
Of: Emmelythis (Emme atau Mets) Tyrica Syrrin

AGE:        25

PROFESSION:    Currently a traveling M.E. for the F.B.I.

REASON FOR QUITTING:    She wants a lebih stable and low pressure job.


BACKGROUND:        Both biological parents died when she was sixteen. She was adopted sejak a police...
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Author’s Note: Please don’t make fun of the detective’s name. I put it in there for a valid reason that I will explain in a little challenge I’m going to put in a later chapter.
Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 3: Inspections

    As he drove into work the seterusnya day, House couldn’t help but notice how cramped Princeton Plainsborough’s parking lot was. News vans and police cars were scattered over the property, and House was particularly thankful for having a reserved spot. Despite this luxury however, a few unfortunate members of the staff seemed to have Lost their places...
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