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House Cast

* Hugh Laurie: Dr. Greg House
* Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
* Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
* Jennifer Morrison: Dr. Allison Cameron
* Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
* Jesse Spencer: Dr. Robert Chase
* Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
* Edi Gathegi: Dr. Jeffrey Cole
* Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
* Kal Penn: Dr. Lawrence Kutner

House Credits

* David Foster: Writer
* Joel Thompson: Writer
* John Mankiewicz: Writer
* Lawrence Kaplow: Writer
* Leonard Dick: Writer
* Matt Witten: Writer
* Michael R. Perry: Writer
* Pamela Davis: Writer
* Sara B. Cooper: Writer
* Sara Hess: Writer
* Thomas...
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Legacy Games has just telah diposkan a free House, M.D. flash game (with NBC approval) for fans. It's online here: link.

Here's the official description: help the surly Dr. House break through his mental block. How do anda do this? Well, sejak using the paddle to careful break up light bulbs and hit on good ideas. It's tough! Sort of like playing House's brain...which does make me curious about the rest of the game.
posted by HouseFreak
Once again an amazing episode.

The first time I watched this episode, I didn’t think too much of it. But now after re-watching it several times, I realize how amazing this episode is, it is defiantly one of my bahagian, atas episodes of season 1.

Through out this whole episode Hugh's Berlakon was fabulous, absolutely flawless.
The pain and emotions he portrayed through out this episode took the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster, I found myself on the verge of tears lebih then once.

The scene where House smashed his hand was beyond amazing, anda could really see and feel the pain he was going through at that...
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We are gathered here today to whine about the death of a beloved tv series: House MD. Many peminat-peminat have agreed that it was time for Dr Gregory House to retire kicking keldai and saving lives. Many other peminat-peminat knelt to the ground, raised their fists to the sky and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" through hysterical tears. Others still were somewhere inbetween not caring and emotional numbness. Personally, I'm pretty sure I rapid-cycled through four of the Five Stages of Grief in about span of about one minute...

It was fitting that I should find out this horrible news via Fanpop. pautan popped up...
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posted by mrshouse62689
Found this senarai somewhere awhile lalu and I had telah diposkan it on my Facebook. I thought I'd share it here. :-]

100: Being a complete jerk to people all the time will make them like you, and sometimes, they will also fall in Cinta with you.

99: Vicodin will cure all wounds.

98: It's NEVER Lupus.

97: anda should know all about your sperm donors before utilizing their sperm. anda don't want your kid to be beaten up, after all.

96: Get a good alarm system and guard dog if you're going to be admitted into a certain Doctor House's care.

95: If you're a nurse and looking for spicing up your sex life, get a...
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It's really to bad that season four was cut short sejak the writers strike, if it hadn't been I think we would have been able to gain a much greater insight into House and Wilson's characters and their relationship with each other. However, we can't dwell on what we missed out on - instead we have to make the most of the time we had to learn.

AMBER: Amber was a very intelligent woman who would do anything to achieve whatever she set her mind on. House wasn't far off in calling her a manipulative jalang, perempuan jalang - but it's how she got the job done. She knew people didn't like her and compensated sejak feeling...
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Just a drabble for the ship bulan fanfiction contest!

He jokes. She laughs.

He rants. She argues.

He denies it.

She denies it.

Wilson would tell anda they’re still little kids, fighting just to see who would win.

Cameron would tell anda they’re in love, and fighting’s just his way of menunjukkan it.

He would tell anda Cinta doesn’t exist, just the need for another.

But isn’t that the definition of love? The need for another?

She would tell anda she may have had feelings for him once, but she’s not sure they exist anymore.

But is Cinta something that ever leaves?

She would tell anda she’s tired of...
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posted by AdaLove
Dr. Robert Chase didn't always want to be a doctor. He previously attended a seminary but didn't finish it. The exact reason why has never been revealed, but it has been implied that he simply Lost his faith. He gives the impression of being from "old money," but this may be a touch added sejak the actor, Jesse Spencer. One can easily visualize Dr. Chase running away from the Paparazzi, because he has become so bored and annoyed with being among "the rich and famous." And he would not want Mumsy, back in the Australia, to accuse him of becoming like those dreadful nuveau riche in America.

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so this is the first rendition of my first ever fanfiction

Episode 1: All Isn’t Lost

    Moments were a scarce feature in the winter. Mostly, the time passed quickly. Days moved through time with a definite purpose and overwhelming guilt. Snow blanketed over streets and railways and bus stop benches, heaven had never been so beautiful. But this was Chicago, and winter had its kryptonite.
    Along the alleyway the snow pilled in dirt ridden clumps and around the multiple tracks of ambulans tires. Footprints delved into the softness every few inches, yet...
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posted by Chandlerfan
So here I was doing my Latin homework (as anda do) when I came across the word made so infamous thanks to House MD, in one of the passages I was to translate. Lupus. Yes, I berkata lupus. (pfft to 'It's never lupus!') Anyway I've never come across this word in a translation before so I proceeded to look it up in my everso trusty dictionary and one of the meanings for it was wolf. See where I'm going with this? No? Then read on and you'll see - proided that anda can decipher jibberish!

Now we all know that lupus is a serious disease and not one to be taken lightly. And also that it doesn't particularly...
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My first House MD fic ever: The pairing is House and Wilson, Strong friendship...

It's pretty dramatic and depressing 'cause that how I felt back then.

It's about House's past and it's pretty OC and sometimes looks Hilson-ish... might re-write the chapters I got don't like...

The Piano.

He was playing again.

It was close to midnight. The hospital auditorium was completely deserted; he always played when he thought no one would hear it.

Audiences always came with opinions, and he honestly couldn’t care less about those.

And that showed in his appearance, but not in his play.

Wilson cautiously walked...
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 Dr. Gregory House. (Hugh Laurie)
Dr. Gregory House. (Hugh Laurie)
I've never had an original character before, but that's a really important skill in Penulisan so this is me in training...which means the character won't be flawless and I'd appreciate it if anda didn't kill me for it. My character is named Dr. Terrance Malcray, and because of my vivid fantasies about how awesome it would be if Stephen Fry did a cameo in House, I've telah diberi him the part.

Enjoy! (hopefully)

House's leg was hurting like hell today... the blinds were drawn, the lights were off: every soul in the hospital knew that under those circumstances, his office was a genuine lion's den...

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posted by nothin_ooses
Greg, why did anda do it? Part II

"Thanks for all the posts. That was what I expected... some people liked, some people didn't, but I'm happy that even the ones that didn't like asked for more! It's really an odd story and I'm starting to like it so thanks very, very much! I hope anda like it either"..

As soon as Cuddy stepped into her office she locked the door. She had any lebih powers to hold herself together, so she leaned her back at the door, and sliced through it slowly until she could sit in the floor, and hug her legs against her breasts. That feeling was slaying her cruelly, she had never...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
A poem about Amber
I wrote this during math class.


An Angel is back
In her home
Her voice is heard
When the wind
Blows gently
Only her love
Can cherish
The moment
Her restless spirit
Is watching down
On her old home

Her life isn't over
It's only beginning
Her smile
Awakens the silent
Sleeping Earth
Her eyes shine
Through the clouds
Her hair makes the
rumput dance in the
Gently blowing wind

They thought she
Was evil
She is no lebih
She's watching him
Her beloved
He still mourns her
But she wants him
To be happy
And forgive
Someone he once
Called a friend

She's an angel
Back in her home
Watching over
Her friends
Her life is
Only beginning
She is an angel
And she's home
Everyone has known Greg House as the brilliant but misanthropic and narcissistic doctor who has anti-social behaviour and treats human life as a simple puzzle that needs to be solved disociating himself from any kind of human emotion with the exception of pain which ironically is the most human emotion. In this article, I'm going to try explain how House displays two opposing characteristics of his personality throughout the episode, his "divine" and his human side sejak paralleling House with John Milton's two main characters in "Paradise Lost".

House as "Satan"
"Paradise Lost" tells the story...
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Title: Losing It
Betaed by: zeppomarx
Rating: R
Pairing: sort of House/Wilson, story is mostly focused on a twisted relationship between House and Wilson, though a non-sexual one; House/Cuddy friendship, House/Cameron friendship
Summary: After Amber's death, Wilson is having trouble moving on, he cant bring himself to forgive his former friend for the part he played in her loss. All he can think about is vengeance. House is willing to do anything to earn back Wilson's friendship, and this proves to be a recipe for disaster.
Warnings: abuse, violence, dark themes, mild language, *very* dark Wilson...
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 House Cast - Last makan malam, sister
House Cast - Last Supper
1. anda sit in front of the Televisyen watching a tunjuk anda hate for hours just waiting to see the advert for the seterusnya episode is on.
2. anda scream every time anda see the advert.
3. When anda see a [H]ouse DVD at the shops anda run towards it even though anda have it at home.
4. anda manage to turn every conversation into one about [H]ouse.
5. Every time anda see the word [H]ouse anda scream.
6. anda go to the hospital in hope to see atau meet a doctor with the same name as someone on [H]ouse.
7. anda know the tajuk of every episode in order sejak heart.
8. anda know the diagnosis at the end of every episode.
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Episode 1: link

Episode 2: Senses Fall    

    Shots of api, kebakaran squeezed through the morning air, now not only think from the snow; but polluted with ash. Crackles of burning rubble resounded into the skyline like a campfire smoldering into an autumn evening. The piles of snow that once were covered in dirt now lay dissolved, in puddles of water. Across the bay, masses of wreckage rested against the ground, each of which flamed with pure red and orange shades opposing the blackness of the pavement.
    Scenes flashed and blurred in and...
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What are the real effects that vicodin has on House? Are these effects only physical atau do they go beyond that? Could they have somewhat changed his personality, even just a little bit?

I watched the episode "Need to Know" (the one after House kissed Stacy, when at the end of the episode he ends up driving her away) for the first time like 4 months lalu (got hooked with House just this year) and I didn't give this whole House/Stacy situation a lot of thought, it was fun but I wasn't that interested in the ship.

But the plot with Stacy kind of surprised me, because while I was watching the first...
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 What DO we know about the people in House?
What DO we know about the people in House?
hei everyone, EL here! I was just looking at the linkby PotterGal, and it got me to thinking: what do we know about our kegemaran doctors? This got me to going to Wikipedia to research the back stories on the entire cast of House, which I have compiled here, in one neatly-packaged soapbox article! :D!
So enjoy.
NOTE: This artikel covers what happens to the characters before the tunjuk started. Amber's death, Cuddy's frequent dates, and Hector, etc, will not be in this. anda know.

Born June 11, 1959 (he's 49! dang!) to Blythe House and a Rawak stranger whose name we do not...
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