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I'm writting this because I want to put some light about this topic. Sorry for my english ^^.

First at all, What's Huntington?

Huntington's Disease , also know as Huntington's Corea" atau "Mal de Zambito" in spanish, is a neurodegenerative illness.Huntington’s disease is a genetic autosomal dominant progressive neurodegenerative disorder determined
by mutation at the gene that codes for the protein huntingtin, whose function is unknown. Clinically hallmarked sejak chorea
and behavioral disturbances, the diagnosis is confirmed sejak blood test for the disease’s gene

From link:

This degeneration causes...
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 Everyone is flailing for this interview!!!
Everyone is flailing for this interview!!!
Here comes another ONE ON ONE INTERVIEW!!!!!
We've all seen her rallying Cadley, she's one of the most devoted Cameron followers and her baru-baru ini marriage to Hilly has made Aivi one super devote House fan!!

I'm pleased to provide a very long interview with Aivi!!!!!!

1)So firstly Introduce yourself:
Whoa, flashback to the first hari of school! OK, what can I say? I Cinta House MD, obviously. When I think about it, I'm a peminat of this tunjuk for almost a tahun now, amazing, huh? I'm a HUGE Cameron, Thirteen, Cameron and Thirteen fan. My House life actually spins around this fact. My life in general spins...
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I'm new here and this seemed to be the best way to introduce myself... I've been very busy in the fanfiction department and my mind created this idea about where things could go after Wilson says he's going to resign: (the PI is absent, I want to use this as a plot for a What If fanfic and it does fit the facts except for the PI)

I've always wanted to see what would happen if House turns in to the patient with the mystery illness... An illness that would render his brain useless and leave him unable to diagnose himself would definitely be a way to finally choose between the old team and the...
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Princeton‑Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
in real life Princeton University's Frist Campus Center in Princeton, New Jersey

( Copy/Paste the link, sorry not working with direct link ),-95.677068&sspn=47.033113,79.013672&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=40.34652,-74.65497&spn=0.00278,0.006866&z=18

Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital
in real life Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey

( Copy/Paste the link, sorry not working with direct link ),-74.65497&sspn=0.00278,0.006866&ie=UTF8&ll=40.83452,-74.505168&spn=0.00276,0.006866&t=h&z=18

atau copy/paste the coordinates :
PPTH: 40°20'47.94"N 74°39'18.57"W
Mayfield: 40°50'4.86"N 74°30'18.68"W
Ok, this is my first Chameron article...I wrte it down this morning while I was at school ( massive inspiration) during art class..
btw english is not my first language so there could be some (or a lot) mistakes so , please if there are any, don't care much about it!!
And maybe they are a little OOC but I'm not sure...
Dedicated to my mimi who today jst had her Chameron red... CONGRATS!!

Enjoy!! :)

"Ok guys, run blood coltures so maybe we can find something.If we don't, run other expensive tests, just to make Cuddy mad. I'll be in the OBGYN but if anda need something, don't call me until 15.32"
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 Because we Cinta them!!!!!!!
Because we love them!!!!!!!
Well,yesterday night,as I was fanpopping and being bored this idea came to my mind.A Hameron peminat-peminat Interview?It sounds good to me!So,here I am Penulisan this artcle.And because I'm not really good with I think we should start.


Why do anda like Hameron?:Because is the best ship ever and because they are meant to be together

Is Hameron your kegemaran ship?:Of course ti is!!

What's your kegemaran Hameron scene?:Ok,that's tough.I Cinta all Hameron scenes but I think my kegemaran is House telling Cameron that he is proud of her.

Are anda gonna give up on Hameron?:This will ever gonna happen!!!

Do anda like...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The hot summer mid hari was making its way to Cuddy’s office windows. Her head was pounding with migraine while House and a man were standing in front of her.
Cuddy: I am completely sorry for how Dr. House handled your brother’s case ----
Jerson: I want him off the case…
Cuddy: I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible, Mr. Harris…
Jerson: Why not?! He nearly killed Austin and anda wanted to tolerate him?!
House: Technic’ly, I didn’t. --- If I didn’t pushed Saline he would have died much earlier… So either that atau you’ll thank me for adding some lebih days to your brother’s life…...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
 Are we rating things deservedly?
Are we rating things deservedly?
Hi there guys, your friendly neighborhood PLH here with an odd, backwards kind of request from you.

Now it has been berkata before that this spot is an excellent place in terms of peminat-peminat rating other user's content! I mean on the majority of foto-foto anda may be getting 10+ rates, most of the ikon-ikon anda might be finding 4 atau 5 rates on each one, which is a lot telah diberi how many of them there are!! Even most of the screencaps have been rated, which even my rater whore self wouldn't be able to do! So yes, this spot is an excellent place for your content to be rated! So anda may be asking why i am making a...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 15: Mob Rules

Full Recap

A mobster, Joey Arnello, and his brother and lawyer, Bill, are being protected sejak the Federal government as a witness when Joey has an attack of some sort and goes into a coma. House is telah diberi a warrant to check on Arnello, and all the initial tests prove negative. Bill wants House to stall for time so he can convince his brother not to go through with the testimony. Joey inexplicably revives but House doesn't want him to be released despite his staff's belief the problem is resolved. Vogler has Joey released since he's not making money, but he's...
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posted by peoplesuck
This is the beginning to part II which is obviously entitled denial. It is rather long. As always please comment. =D

Part II: Denial
6 months later

All human beings have ways to defend themselves from their pain. Some pop pain medication at an alarming rate and drink themselves to sleep. Some channel their pain into a savior complex, turning themselves into the proverbial white-knight for all. Some change their names and hop on the first greyhound they come across, hoping that if they erase their identity they can erase what happened. But the most common human defense mechanism is denial. It...
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hei everyone :D Here are the results of the saat challenge of the last House peminat standing! ^^

Thanks everyone who voted!♥

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to one of our contestants :(


People's kegemaran answer

Voting Tally
(A)----+- = -4 (missy)
(B)+-+++-+-++ = +4 (regi)
(C)+-+--++- = 0 (adyingsomething/stevi)

Have a nice hari everyone :D

And watch out for the seterusnya challenge, cause it's gonna be the finale!!!! Regi vs. Stevi-
Who would wanna miss that?
posted by dreamsofspike
Title: Used
Pairing: House/Wilson FS, House/Cuddy FS, eventual Wilson/OFC, possible House/Cuddy
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: graphic violence and non-con, sexual content, mild language
Summary: House experiences the worst nightmare of his entire life when he is brutally assaulted. Can Cuddy and Wilson help him get through it? Can he survive the aftermath of the attack?

Chapter Three
Shocking Admission

By the time Wilson returned pushing the gurney, House appeared to be sound asleep, lying down on the sofa. He frowned, biting his lower lip as he considered his options. He hated to wake him when he had...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was seated at the end of his conference meja, jadual in the DDX room. Taub, Foreman and Thirteen were narrating all the conditions of their patient. He had his eyes closed with fingers on his forehead and his phone was on the meja, jadual in front of him.
House: Thirteen <the team stopped and looked at him> did anyone called up when I went down?
Thirteen: No
House opened his eyes, sighed and looked at his watch.
House: Taub…
Taub: I didn’t saw Cuddy in her office when I checked five minit ago.
House: She wasn’t still there? I went down myself but she also wasn’t there. Where the hell is she?...
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posted by CampRockLuver98
It is told from House's POV.

When I woke up in the morning, it felt like an electrical surge went through my body. I did not know why. Maybe.... because I get to look at Cuddy's glorious body? No... I see that every day. I got out of bed, and staggered drunkley until I found my cane. I looked at the calender.
"Oh yeah... My hari to shine." Today was April 1st. April Fools Day. I got dressed as fast as possible, and ambled out the door.
When I got to the hospital, I saw Foreman and Thirteen talking to each other. I walked over to them. "Hey, none of that crap here. This is a hospital for crying...
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posted by Lela48
House limped back to the conference room, his team must already have the results of the test back, he was almost sure it wasn’t lysteria but the tests could indicate something else. He was surprised with the amount of people in the room when he walked in.

On one side of the room, Thirteen and Kutner were Penulisan on the chart and Taub was getting himself some coffee. On the other side he saw Chase, sitting on a chair, looking at nowhere, clearly thinking on something, seterusnya to him was Cameron, she had her arms in his shoulders and was looking at him with a caring look. Standing seterusnya to the door...
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got bored, decided to start a series of stories about everyones kegemaran oncologist called: The Wilson Series-(TWS)

Please rate and komen :D


The supermarket, pasar raya Savior

He stood in the produce aisle, grappling at a rather large erroneous looking tomato, his eyes fixated across the room where a brunette woman paused, handling her own set of vegetables. Wrapping his tomato, sos tomato in a plastic bag, he twisted a tie around the bahagian, atas and placed the tarnished red Makanan inside his cart. Again he eyed the woman. She had finished her comparison of two sets of Kale greens...
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starting a new fic peoples…its called two’s company threes a crowd…umm, it came to me after Membaca two similar stories…im trying not to make them exactly like the others, so sorry if it seems I am stealing your idea…yeah…so here’s chapter one…read and review (those on fp, please rate!)

a thanks is going out to penulis Iane Casey for being my beta reader for this!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 1-

House sat in his office chair not really doing anything other than staring into angkasa with his feet propped up on his desk. He had recently solved...
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Lisa Cuddy finally ended up at utama after a long stressful hari at the hospital thanks to House upsetting another parent of a patient. She spent the whole hari cleaning up his mess trying to keep the parent from suing House and the hospital. In order to relax she went and started a bubble bath to ease all the tension from the hari away. After the bath it was late and she was tired so she decide to get ready for bed.

At 2 a.m. she is woken up sejak someone obnoxiously knocking on her door and ringing her doorbell. She sighs knowing exactly who it is and wonders why he is here. She thought maybe 'if...
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If Dr. Gregory House, MD lives in my country, he’ll surely be labeled as “Torpe” sejak the people. Torpe, pronounce as “tor-pe”, refers to a male person who is basically much in Cinta with another person but loses his nerve whenever he feels like admitting his real Cinta to the one he admires the most even though the girl/woman already knew what he feels. 
I happened to notice how “torpe” he is during the last scenes of House in “The Itch” and “Last Resort”. He could have walk right through Cuddy’s door that evening, could have say “yes, I want a relationship with you”...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Okay guys, this opinionated artikel is about the pregnancy rumors running since the time I opened my computer this morning.

I know this is all a crazy info to all of us because we know things aren't be the same when a Huddy baby sprout out like a cendawan from no where and be in the tunjuk for <like what other said> no purpose at all.

My view is this, granted if it's Cuddy, let's just put our trust to the writers because i know, DS and KJ won't be putting characters just like that in a click. They won't risk the ratings of their bahagian, atas TV tunjuk sejak making it too soapy for the viewers and we know...
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