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This House M.D. kertas dinding contains saman perniagaan, sut perniagaan, guaman, saman pakaian, sut, sut pakaian, berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, and penekan seluar. There might also be saman tiga keping, tiga bahagian guaman, dua bahagian, dua bahagian guaman, sut, dua keping, sepotong dua sut, penekan lounge, saman breasted dua, and mempunyai dua sut.

A/N: Not for the squeamish!! This chapter details House's injuries, in a clinical sort of way, but it's still quite shocking and disturbing...consider yourselves warned! :P

Chapter 5

Wilson hurried into the room, closing the door carefully behind him before moving swiftly around the gurney to face his friend. Though House was moaning and writhing on the narrow bed, as if desperately struggling to escape some unseen foe, his eyes were closed, and he might have appeared to be asleep and battling a nightmare, had Wilson not known better.

This was a textbook PTSD flashback.

"No...please!" House fairly...
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 House MD game, scene with Cuddy
House MD game, scene with Cuddy

I wanted to tell anda that I created a demo version of my House MD game.
I just wanted to try out if it works and if anda like it atau not.

I haven´t found a way to muat naik it somewhere on the internet, so that anda can download it, but I can send it to everyone who wants to play it, as email.
It is about 13 mb large.

 House MD game, scene with Wilson
House MD game, scene with Wilson

Remember that this is only a demo-version, the Fanpop people who wanted to be included will only appear in the full version, which I will only make if someone is interested and if people like this demo.

So if anda want to have the demo version, please post your e-mel adress here atau send it to me, if anda don´t want everyone to be able to see it.
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house md
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