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‘House’ Season 8 Held Up sejak NBC & fox Dispute


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I am not to concerned. Syndication is a GOLD mine and that happens I believe after 8 seasons. So it is silly to stop before. If I understand the earning potential, make no mistake NBC & Fox have already worked it out!!

I suspect it is just a case of "chicken" to see who will blink first......NBC or FOX. If you can see a way save money why not try?

And of course cranking it up a notch with a "will they, won't they" keeps fans interested!

"Fortunately, NBC Universal and FOX will absolutely come to an agreement in the end. It’s going to take some time for FOX to look at their current financial commitments and see where additional funds can be found and reallocated, but House season 8 will ultimately happen.......

......Especially since series creator David Shore already revealed that he has plans for Olivia Wilde and her character Thirteen in season 8.
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