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I dislike Patrome VERY much! I don't understand why and how people can like it! I Cinta Jara! Honestly I think it's the best couple on the show. They bring the best out of each other, and are so cute!

Besides Patricia has Eddie, they are perfect for each other! They are so alike. They both pretend to be this hard, mean, pranksters, when underneath they are so much more.

Jara makes Jerome so much sweeter and Mara WAY lebih out-going. Mick and Mara, though I liked they were opposites, other than that were terrible. It didn't even make sense.

There has been NO hint of Patrome in the series. Patricia and Jerome are barely even friends! The only thing they have in common is they both can be a little mean. But, both in different ways and different reasons, unlike Peddie who are so alike, and perfect.

What do anda think? Do anda agree with me 100% atau have some doubts? Please post below!