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posted by SissiSunshiner
Here me is! *smiles* I know... I suck...I totally, completely suck. Sorry for updating after a month! School is keeping me busy and I have lots ad lots of things going on in my family.

Enjoy the chapter, but I warn you: this is gonna be SAD!!! VERY SAD! EXTREMELY SAD!

London Call Part 8

Bonnie watched the slow and rhythmic rise and fall of her daughter's chest. She had been called a few hours earlier and she had run to Los Angeles as soon as possible. She had been in that room for a couple of hours, and she had never got up from that chair, not even to go to the bathroom atau drink a glass of water....
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I guess my writers block is slowly fading away;) So for your pleasure, the 2nd chapter!

Reality Check

The seterusnya morning Lisa woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. The clock told her it was 8am, which according to Lisa meant that she had slept-in, but she still felt tired. Not the usual kind of tired though, which was defined sejak aching leg- and back muscles. When she concentrated on the location of her muscle-aches she stirred, she remembered her midnight-visitor and their screams of passion, which now replayed itself over and over again in her mind. But that had all been a dream, right?...
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posted by huddyislove
Oh, yeah... How come anda still Cinta me?
Oh, you'll maybe Cinta me just today, tomorrow I won't be here, and on Sunday... well, you'll wanna send me to alat pemenggal kepala, guillotine, gilotin :P
Oh, anda have no idea what I have in store for these two *evil grin*
Enjoy... while anda still can

Hugh pulled over in front of the garage. He had noticed Elyon playing fetch with serigala, wolf E. in the front yard all the way from the gate. So, she was back from her play date. Hugh checked the digital clock in the car. It was 2:51 pm. He was lebih than two hours in the shop. That had passed quickly!
Taking the bags with...
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posted by huddyforever
Hugh drove with one hand on the wheel and the other interlocked with her hand. He loved Jo but it was a different love. It was Cinta for raising his children when he couldn’t be there. It was a Cinta of supporting him when he was down. A Cinta for accepting him after he cheated for the first time. He loved Lisa differently. Jo took a small angkasa in his hati, tengah-tengah but Lisa took up his whole heart. She was his world and it made it even better that they had created life together.

“Here we are.” He berkata turning into the driveway of his home. Jo had just come to the states to visit Hugh 2 days ago....
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posted by huddyforever
The first chappie is a little long just because I didn't feel like splitting it into two. Hope anda like it:)

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I am so stupid!” Lisa berkata outloud to herself as she got up and threw the pregnacy test in the garbage. Her phone rings and she fears it’s him. When she picks it up she has to face her fears. “Hello? Lisa?” Hugh berkata through the phone. “Hey! Err…I uh, have some news.” She berkata pacing back and forth in her bedroom. “Oh yeah? Good I hope. Hey, I’ll come over right now!” He berkata and before she could stop him he hung up. She wanted to cry…so she...
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posted by maverickangel35
    A half jam later, the press had been ushered from the building, security was telah diposkan outside the entrances to prevent their re-entry, and the party had started. The lights dimmed over the ballroom and a spontaneous cheer went up as David went up to the microphone to make his traditional speech. Lisa took a step back, expecting to lean against the dinding and listen while she nursed her mineral water, but landed instead against a very large and well-dressed body.
    “Careful,” Hugh’s voice came low in her ear and her entire body flushed. “You...
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posted by maverickangel35
A note from the author: I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to write for such wonderful... kind... understanding people as anda all are. I bow to you.
    “Jesus, Lisa!” He burst out, sitting straight up in bed. “I am fully aware of what I am! Do anda honestly think that I would be doing this—saying these things—if I had a choice? I’ve tried to stay away from you. I’ve tried to stay angry with you—I’ve even tried to ignore you, and anda just won’t go out of my mind.” He breathed hard, laying back down. He could hear Lisa’s breath grow...
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Video Huddy, Spoilers saison 7 et 6. Les personnages sont la propriété de la série Dr House. Enjoy =)
lisa edelstein
Hugh Laurie
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posted by HuddyBea
I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. lebih are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether anda truly like this chapter, I am kinda Lost here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do anda really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do anda really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand...
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I'm lazy so I won't post the previously if anda don't mind...I bet anda remember, and now shall I go swimming? Shall I?! I'll post the seterusnya one like on Sunday I hope, but geez guys, when all this anxiouness started?! :P Come on...tension never killed anyone :D
LOL, sorry, I know, I'm evil. Hope anda like it!

She was surprised herself at how long she was managing to hold his stare this time. It wasn’t like her being this good. She had never been with him. She might have been fooling herself for the latest years but the truth was every time he did it, every time he looked at her the way he was doing...
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posted by blinkbackatear
Hello everybody! I am back with a loooooong chapter, I am sorry that I just updated now, but I didn't really have time for writing. Hope anda will like this! Hugs and kisses ;-) (L)

2 months later

-    Hey, honey!
-    Yes? – Hugh looked up from an American tabloid.
-    I thought about going to the theatre tonight… what do anda think?
-    Ok… sure but anda don’t have to ask me for permission, anda know – he berkata absentmindedly.
-    For permission??? Hugh, I want to go with you! It was an...
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