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Well, anda know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on YouTube
slow motion
Hugh Laurie
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 ...are anda screwing with me?
...are you screwing with me?
    “You’re not stopping me for medical reasons. You’re stopping me… because anda have the hots for me.”
    Lisa tried not to smile, but there it was. And there was the laughter. She couldn’t stop it.
    “God! She does, though, it’s so freaking obvious…” Lisa protested, standing and stretching her cramping calves from remaining in the same position for so long. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Can we try it again?”
    “You’re stopping me… because anda have...
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    “Where’s he going?” Lisa asked, seeing his face and knowing something was wrong. “What happened?”
    “I think he’s going to tell David and Katie about—”
    “No. Hugh!” She spun around and dragged Robert with her, trying to catch up, but Hugh was already only a few feet from his bosses and there was no way to catch up. The Muzik started up again and over the thumping bass line their voices were drowned out as they tried to call him back. “God, Robert, how are we going to stop him?”
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posted by douglas80
Hi sinners, here´s part 2 of this two-shot.
Hope anda like it...enjoy:))

A few days later Hugh was back in L.A. He met some Friends and phoned with his children. Wrote a song and fed her pets. She was still in New york. Meeting Friends and family. “Why aren´t anda there?”, he asked himself. He was not sure if she wanted him to be with her Friends and family. “Oh yes, thanks to those importunately paparazzo they have to be careful. It was way to early for menunjukkan us together as a couple in public.”, he thought further. He breathed deep and out while preparing himself a cup of coffee. He...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “Who’s the sweetest boy? Who’s the most handsome? I could just hug anda all day…”
    “Talking to my picture again?” Hugh cracked, coming around the corner of the set to find Lisa playing with the feline guest bintang of the seterusnya episode.
    “Who’s so handsome?” Lisa continued, as if she didn’t even notice him. “Who’s a handsome boy?”
    “I believe anda are now comparing me to a cat,” Hugh said, coming down hard on the ‘c’ in the word. “I believe I am insulted.”
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I'm like, 18352 million times sorry!
My computer crashed and it erased the Find your way back fully D<
and I can not bring it to the end.
I am so sorry and anda have no idea how pissed I was when that happened.

I hope I make it up to anda sejak Penulisan this one shot. I just needed to write it, I felt like it was so long since I telah diposkan anything :P
Anyway, I hope anda enjoy :)

Lisa started at her mobile phone for over an hour, trying to figure out what to do.
She missed him, so much... and yet, she knew calling him wasn't an option. She was involved with someone else... She had no right to call him,...
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posted by maverickangel35
 And then her kegemaran part of the morning...
And then her favorite part of the morning...
    Lisa stretched luxuriously as her alarm went off a few days later. Pointing her toes and raising her arms above her head, she arched her back until she heard the kinks work their way out.
    And then she began her new morning ritual.
    Yoga had always been a way for her to clear her mind, to focus her energy on the hari ahead, and recently she had started using it as a lebih targeted form of therapy—almost, she told herself one day, like a Hugh patch.
    Having decided that her feelings for Hugh were...
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posted by maverickangel35
“Hey there, lady,” Hugh’s voice brought her up short and Lisa turned to see him striding in her direction. “You ready?”
    “Oh please, I’m always ready to have my picture taken,” she said, grinning at him and waiting for him to catch up so they could enter the studio together. ET had called about doing a photobooth session, and it had been ‘strongly encouraged’ sejak the producers that Hugh and Lisa make themselves available. Lisa shivered a bit as an unseasonably cool March breeze began to stir, and Hugh reached out to drape his arm over her shoulders...
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posted by douglas80
((Here´s next...a little sugar for u guys! Thanx for the komen-komen and reviews....LOVE U ALL!!! p.s.-if anda don´t like smut, don´t read! XD
Hope anda like it anyways....enjoy))

Hugh watched her going back into the House. He smirked lightly and was sure that this would be a fun game. But at the same time he was very unsure about his seterusnya move. “What if she doesn´t want him to flirt with her? What if she felt bothered sejak him atau his actions? What if? Oooh Man!”, he thought sejak himself as he saw Lisa coming back to the patio only wearing a very short bikini.
L: It´s damn hot today, isn´t it?...
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***hi sinners! Here´s a little one shot for you, inspiring sejak the interviews and all the rumors.
Hope anda like it.....enjoy, and sweet dreams XD***

Spending the night thoughtful. Not sure about what exactly. I remembered the last days and weeks. Nothing really had changed. Or? I feel a little sick and tired of all those questions. I talked to David and Greg. Well I talked with my mom and with my best friend. But I won´t talk to Hugh. It´s kinda unfair that….but yes it happened too fast and I did it. Now I hate it! But I don´t know why? David said: “Hey Beauty keep cool, nothing to worry...
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posted by maverickangel35
    Days went by, and the cast did eventually find time to get together and celebrate the start of a new season. A while later, the filming of Birthmarks had begun, and Lisa was on set for her only hari of filming before Hugh and Robert began their marathon of car-based scenes. She found Hugh sitting in House’s chair while the directors and writers were having a conference, waiting to begin filming.
    “Hey, you.” She took a kerusi, tempat duduk in the chair across the desk. “How’s life?”
    Hugh glared at her and she choked back a giggle....
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posted by maverickangel35
“Yeah! Fine.” She turned back to her script, ostensibly to close it, but Hugh noticed her shoulders tense as she turned, and waited for her to turn back around. There it was.
    “Something’s wrong.”

    “Oh—Hugh honestly, it’s nothing. Are anda guys done for the day?” She asked, trying to lighten the mood. When he didn’t answer right away she turned around again to turn off the lamp on her desk. Before she could reach the switch, she realized that he had gotten up and was standing behind her, resting his arms on the back of her chair....
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posted by Noeloe
Thank anda so much for your reviews on the last chapter! I'm sorry for the delay of this one, but I hope anda enjoy it! I don't know when I will be able to post again as I have some big tests coming up... Anyways, this is chapter 9, enjoy!

‘So… you’re going to call a cab?’, Hugh asked as they entered his house. ‘I guess so. Have to get utama someway…’ Hugh turned around, ‘That’s not true… I mean… anda could stay.’ Lisa frowned, ‘I-I.. ehm… yes, but aren’t anda sick of me yet? It would be two nights in a row… We’ve never done that before…’ ‘There are lots...
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January 2, 2010
It was three o'clock in the morning in London and Hugh was flying off to Los Angeles.
"Are anda excited dad?" berkata Rebecca.
"A little, why?" Replied Hugh.
"It was just a soalan ... what will anda do with Lisa?"
"I dunno ... sooner atau later she will find out about my divorce"
"Don't anda gonna tell her?!"
"I dunno, I guess so!"
"So? What will anda do? ... going to say what anda feel for her? "
"I dunno ... let time decide"
"Let time decide! Dad, you've been hiding your feelings 6 years for that woman! And anda want time to decide?! You'll wait another 6 years atau what?! "
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posted by Noeloe
Hey guys! A new multichap fic for your Membaca pleasure! I hope anda enjoy! Reviews are love!

‘Can we just get this over with?’, Hugh almost screamed at his co-workers. Jesse and Olivia almost froze as Robert signed to Greg they needed to take a break. Hugh saw this and hissed audibly as he punched against a dinding and stormed off to his trailer. ‘What has gotten into him?’, Jesse berkata still stunned sejak the behavior of the usually so polite Englishman. No one of the crew answered as they were all still in shock. Robert was the first to...
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New chapter! Yes! I Cinta spoiling anda :DDDD
No one else seems to have that job, so I need to do it XDDD
or, I WANT to do it :)))))
I Cinta my sinners so so much!!
And keep rating and reviewing... I Cinta that ;)

Enjoy :D

Chapter 6: Realizations

The seterusnya morning

Hugh woke up just to find Lisa curled up seterusnya to him. He smiled, he hadn't yet gotten used to waking up seterusnya to her. She was so beautiful, so peaceful. In the mornings like this, when they actually hadn't been woken up sejak alarm and rushed to get ready for shooting, he loved nothing lebih than wait for her to wake up. It was a weird thing, waking...
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hei everyone! Thank anda so much for all your loving reviews on this story. The story has come to an end and I have loved Penulisan this, I hope anda enjoy this chapter and see anda at my seterusnya fic!

Chapter 19

Hey honey, I’ll be utama in 30 min. anda ready for your surprise? Love, Hugh. Lisa smiled brightly when she read his text and wanted nothing but to go utama immediately. ‘What does he say?’, Katie asked knowing who just texted her friend. ‘He’ll be utama in 30 minit and he asks me if I’m ready for my surprise!’, Lisa almost squealed. ‘I really hope it’s a good surprise he has...
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