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Well, anda know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on YouTube
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House… whoopss… wrong disclaimer. I don’t own Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, because we have abolished slavery long time ago… But if somehow I can control their free will, Hugh Laurie will be divorced and they will be doing some smexy stuff right now.

Hello! Rue0613 here. As I berkata in one of my post, I’m a FF writer, who specialize with Hameron. Yes, anda heard me right, I’m a Hameron fan, and now kinda Huddy fan… but a CRAZY HULI FAN!!! >:)
This is the first time I’ll be doing a real person FF. Oh, for those who are familiar with, I’ll...
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They just looked into eachother’s eyes smiling and then out of nowhere some magnetic force pulled them together in a kiss. It started out a simple and sweet Ciuman then turned into a rough and passionate kiss. Their tougnes meeting, teeth clashing, his hands pulling her ontop of him, her hands on his face. Now they were making out. He reached up and grabbed her left breast and she gasped. Their heads were now out of the sleeping bag from moving around. That’s when they realized where they were.

“Shit, Hugh. We can’t. We have Robert and Olivia in this tent right this very minute.” She...
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Okay, first things first. I know that when anda read the tajuk of this article, anda may have freaked out. I know that I did when I first became aware of the existence of this interview. But I just want to tell anda beforehand, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I freaked out, yes, but that was before I translated the whole interview for myself. Now, it is evident that the content can be interpreted in different ways.

(Please take note that I'm a high school French student, and I didn't really use a translator, so I took some liberties with the translating...French-speaking people, please don't...
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Disclaimer: Well, obviously, I'm not the kind of person that owns real people. I might own fictional characters though, but I don't either. Neither do I own awesome Rolling Stones songs. Anyway, I probably offend someone with this, but it wasn't intended. Honestly. I just can't help myself!

AN: I would suggest listening to the song that inspired all this, Melody, sejak the Rolling Stones. Just to get in the "mood", anda know...

A little bonding Melody

And there they sat, slowly getting pissed but not even thinking about calling it a night ‘cause it felt soooo good. Finally, for the first since...
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