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Josiah woke up with a sore neck and an aching back. For just a couple of incredibly sweet seconds, he didn’t remember where he was. He thought he was home, selamat, peti deposit keselamatan with his friends.
Then he remembered everything and the apprehension knotted up in his stomach all over again. He was separated from his friends; he was alone in a cave full of fish-eating baryonyx, and he didn’t know how he was going to escape.
‘The others will come for me’ he kept telling himself that over and over, as if thinking it were enough to make it true.
Looking around, he saw that most of the baryonyx within the cave...
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“WE HAVE TO WHAT?!” Josiah screamed at Buck. The weasel had just informed the two humans that to get to lava falls faster they had to fly there sejak pterosaur. Buck berkata that if they wanted to save Ken they had to trust him.
Josiah and Shelly didn’t like the idea of flying on a giant winged reptile that could drop them from a height of a thousand feet.
The weasel had told the two that the pterodactyl nests were located over the misty falls and to get there, they had to menyeberang, cross the chasm of death, to the plates of woe.

“That’s a lot of nonsense, Buck,” berkata Josiah. “We don’t have to...
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I decieded that I'd like to review this movie and post my opinions on what I thought of it:
I thought that the film Ice Age 3 was a good story. It had lots of funny parts that kept anda laughing all the way through and a new character to the Ice Age saga was added as well: Buck. If anda ask me, he was a perfect new character to add and is one of the best! It was rated PG however, for mostly mild peril. (But what movie doesn't have some sort of peril atau conflict in it!?!?)
Some people say however that some of the original characters weren't Berlakon like they uasally do. I have a say on that. Manny...
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This story takes place after the events of Dawn of the dinosaurs.
This story involves humans coming to the ice age world from the present time of 2010 but they will going to the secret world under the ice and interact with the Dinosaur and Buck. This is strictly a fanfiction story and none of the movie characters mentioned in it belongs to me but belong to twentieth century fox Film Corporation and Blue sky’s animasi studios. My own characters are mine and mine alone. All rights reserved.
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