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Paolini discusses the third book of the Inheritance Cycle, Brisingr.
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I am currently Membaca the Inheritance Cycle for the fifth time. I am on the third book that is out right now which is called Brisingr. I really like the Inheritance Cycle because I like buku about magic, dragons, elves, and dwarves. There are three buku so far in the series and they are: Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr.

The first book in the series starts off with a farm boy who hunts for him, his cousin Roran, and his uncle Garrow. The farm boy, whose name is Eragon, is in for a big surprise. While Eragon is off hunting there is an explosion and a large stone appears out of no where....
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1. Dauthdaert found p. 6 (name on p. 11)
2. Roran's close call p. 14
3. Treaty with Werecats p. 26
4. Captain Roran p. 85
5. Tharos the quick p. 150
6. Roran takes Aroughs p. 167-209
7. Carn dies p. 190
8. Glaedr speaks again p. 237
9. Eragon bests Arya at last p. 240
10. Halls of Tosk p. 280
11. Nasuada captured p. 346
12. Torture begins p. 426
13. Murtagh explains his choices p. 452
14. Monster of the Deep p. 468
15. Murtagh helps Nasuada p. 490-495
16. Snalgli !! p. 513
17. True Names: Saphira p. 539, Eragon p. 546
Glaedr p. 549, Arya p. 798
18. Eggs and Free Eldunari p. 558, 584
19. Confrontation with Galbatorix p. 654-670, 699-719 (719 is death)
20. A spell is broken p. 731
21. Murtagh leaves with Thorn p. 739
22. Nasuada and Orik's treaty p. 755
23. Firnen p. 785
24. Eragon tells Roran, Katrina and Ismira goodbye p. 816
25. A new compact with Naga p. 836
26. Ending p. 849
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1. Roran tries to do magic p. 21-22
2. Comparing bruises p. 29
3. lethrblaka and children p. 41
4. Ra'zac's curse p. 65
5. Sloan's true name, sentence p. 79, p. 90
6.Trial of the Long Knives p. 95-119
7. Katrina described p. 121
8. Arya and Eragon in a dangerous place p. 141
9. Nighthawks p. 167-169
10. Elf magicians p. 169
11. Magical Lily p. 201
12. spirits p. 211-217
13. Blodhgarm's female problem p. 225
14. Mysterious Mother/Daughter Blessed p. 254
15. Dwarf Knuckles for Eragon p. 258
16. Elva Confronted again p. 267
17. Morzan/ Selena described p. 285
18. Helen excited at last p. 290
19. falchion p. 297...
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