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I was sitting on the sofa at my parents house back on irk. I was thinking about the time I spent on earth. My parents were out at a meeting. For some reason, a name popped up in my head. Zim. Zim? Why should I remember him. He was a jerk. But here i am now. 2 years later. 2 years older. And I'm sat on my bedside cabinet waiting for Zim to return home. I Cinta him. Gir and mimi are out children robots- we treat them like kids-they are very spoilt indeed. Well here is our story about our relationship.

I'm a irken invader, as is zim. We worked together, not that we enjoyed it- but we had no choice....
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LIZH#1: Eev
(((Zim walks in his base after a long hari of Skool. Gir runs up to him smiling.)))
Gir: Master! Guess what!
Zim: I don’t want to guess what Gir.
Gir: Well guess what anyway! *Giggles*
Robo-Mom: *Sing-song voice* He’s hooo-ooome!
(((The Robo-Parents wheel in the living room]
Robo-Dad: Son, we have something to tell you.
Zim: (O_o) …Ooookaaay….???
Robo-Mom: anda have a baby sister!
(((A girl with short black hair, dark purple dress with black pants and black long sleeved baju under dress walks in. Zim is ticked and the girl looks like she’s annoyed.)))
Zim: WHAT?!
Girl: Ugh, I REALLY...
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 Zim:I Wont Let Go Until We Make Up
Zim:I Wont Let Go Until We Make Up
Gaz:So Wht To We do Zim?

Zim:We Need To Find A Way How To Make Up With Ur Brother

Gaz:Oh Yeah..

*Tak Walks sejak And Hits Gaz's Head In Purpose*

Tak:Opps..Srry Gaz *Walks Away*

Gaz:Grr Thts It! We Need U And My Brother Back Togheter

Zim:Yes We Do I'm Sicking Tired Of Tak!!!

*Rubii Spyes*

Rubii:Hmm They Sure Need Help

EmoNess:Then Why Dont U Go Help Them?

Rubii:Should I Help Them..

Maliry:SURE! Now Go!*Pushes Rubii*

Rubii:Ahhh! *Falls Down The Hall Way*

Zim:Huh? RUbii! Is Tht U!

Gaz:O_O Its Her!

Rubii:Hii Guys I Heard Tht U HAd Trouble..

Gaz:Could U Help Us?????


Rubii:Ok Ok

*Emoness And Maliry See*...
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Invader Jade

It was 12:15. Just past midnight. I was watching my favourite TV tunjuk 'Invader Zim'.
I really Cinta that show. Couldn't miss an episode!
How exciting would it be to actually be an Irken? I tremble with excitement.
Of corse I'm not allowed to be up this late. My parents were asleep. But they don't understand. I'm like the show's number 1 fan!
I yawned. I must stay awake. This is so exciting, this episode...
Drifting off....

** **

When I woke up, I had changed. My hair had a red streak in it. But that wasn't all I also looked... Well odd. I looked un-real.
'Eeek!' I squealed....
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 Invader Zim
Invader Zim
Daz:Ladies And Gentelments We Present U Zim And Lard Nar Lard Nar: *Waves Hand To People*Hello There Zim:Hi Puny Humans Daz:Today They Will Do The YO MOMMA JOKES X3 Daz:Lets Begin With Zim Zim:YO MOmma Is So Fat Becuz She Eats Tuns Of junk, sarap Makanan Lard Nar:Well YO MOMMA Has A Fat keldai Zim:Yoo Momma Doesent Shave EveryWhere Even Her keldai Is Furry Lard Nar:Oh Yeah Well Yo Momma Has Went To Barneys Restruant And Ate Kids Makanan *Gaz Appears* Gaz:KNOCK IT OFF UR MOMMAS ARE SO FAT OKKK!!! DAMN U NEVER SHUT THE FU*k Up Zim:O_o Lard Nar:O_e Gaz:*Blushes*Hehe My Bad Dib:GAZ!! Get oof The Stage!! Gaz:Okk!!...
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