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Helena: WTF!! anda like Dib.
Sulflex: Yeah he's so cute.
Helena: *barfs*
Sulflex: Yuck
Helena: I can't believe I'm doing this, but Sulflex I'm giving anda tips.
Sulflex: Yay :)
Helena: 1. Be nice to him
Sulflex: got it. anda mean like asking him about his hari atau something.
Helena: Right! 2. Ask him if he likes you.
Sulflex: I hope he says yes.
Helena: *rolls eyes* 3. Ciuman him.
Sulflex; WTH. I don't think I could make it to 3
Helena: you'll be fine.
Sulflex: thanks. i'll invade his heart
Helena: Go Get Him Cobra
Sulflex:* walks out the door* I will
Yuki: *Cryes And Moves Legs* LET GO!!
Rubii: OMG!D:

Lia: STOP STRUGGLING! hei Deathworm! Remember me? REMEMBER MY MOM?!
*Strikes at the Deathworm forcing to to let Yuki go*
Deathworm: SREEE! *twiches in pain and amims at Lia who doges the attack cutting of its head*
Lia: I know anda weakness Deathworm. anda killed my mom. Revenge. SWEET REVENGE!


Yuki: *Falls Down*
*Hits Ground*
Rubii: YUKI!
*Hugs Her*
Yuki: *Smiles Weakly*


Lia: *turns back into 4 tahun old* This is the time to ask questions.
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"nashani greeto nashani greeto" i chanted and danced lightly around. this seemed like any other ritual in praise of the goddess nashani but something about it just berkata warning. i ignored what i felt and kept going.
"nashani tell me of what i seek nashani tell me of what i seek." i chanted louder and louder my feet seemed to get lighter and lighter as i danced about, and then as i finished the ritual i shot up into the sky.
"NASHANI!" i berkata as i looked around. i had come to a stop right in the heavens. the goddesses nashani, veltrex, and lithel sat in there thrones seterusnya to the gods valli, nadin,...
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1. My first name is Gary
2. I actually think muffins are just ugly cupcakes
3. Most of my personality is the same as Jet's
4. I created Invader Jet when i was 7
5. I'm pretty popular in my school but im not that popular
6. The 1st girl I ever asked out berkata no and my best Friends laughed *cry*
7. I hate the paranormal (i hate aliens and ghosts)
8. Im a straight A student
9. I Cinta making jokes
10. I have many Petikan i use for Invader Jet
11. I dont hate.. i strongly dislike (i forgot who told me that i think it was may who berkata she doesnt hate)
12. If I was a girl my name would be Marina
13. Ive only been in 2 fights my whole life
14. My kegemaran animal is a gecko
15. My kegemaran color is purple
16. I Cinta everyone
17. I have never had my first Ciuman but ive had many girlfriends (im to shy around girls)
18. If your ever sad i like to use sympathy atau jokes to make anda feel better
19. I dont cus
20. My kegemaran song is anda and Me sejak the Wannadies
(hi, I'm new here. I just wanted to write a little story about my peminat character. Hope anda enjoy it!)

The strange looking comet shot across the sky. "Hey, Dad," a boy's voice asked, "I know I should know the answer already, but do anda believe in aliens?" 

"No, why would I, Son?" 

"Oh, never mind."


"Hey, Kel," an Invader said, "You missed a spot."

The Invader tossed a greasy napkin on the floor. 

Ewwwwwwwwww, the young Kel thought, Why do I find this Makanan so gross?

A group of girl Invaders gathered around a table. Kel tried to listen in, and it was hard until an Irken girl with dark...
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So alright, I couldn't help but notice that the fandom is a little uptight now a days.But then I caught wind of when this fandom was lebih alive that everyone was very nice to each other, but now it's all one big POPULARITY CONTEST! :<

It's all about who's art is best and who has the most page papar and I gotta say stop......just stop. It doesn't matter who's "better" just try to have fun and make Friends not enemies! Do what anda Cinta the most no matter what anyone says, don't let the trolls get anda down.

And to the people who think they have shity art calm down rome wasn't built in a day!...
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If anda missed part 6, here's the link to it---->link

Let's continue....

Right after Zim and Larua were done calling the tallest.....

Larua: So Zim, do anda know what the happy boy's name is?

Zim: Hmmm. anda know, I never got around to that.

Larua: Well, should we just give him a name?

Zim: Maybe we can ask him. The happiness probe fell off his head when he turned into an Irken. He may be intelligent enough to tell us his name.

Larua: Hmmm. I guess I'll go ask him. Hey, ummm, Irken boy?

Irken(happy)boy: Huh?

Larua: I was just wondering, what is your name?

Irken(happy)boy: My name is Megoy. I know it's...
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 The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
SCENE 1 - Planet Vort

Vortian: Sir, We have finished the Irken Death Device.

???: Excellent.....

A Big Screen pops out. And it has a picture of Zero and Z-9 on it.

???: These two are our greatest threat, they have wiped out 12 of our armies together. 12 STINKIN' ARMIES, CAN anda BELIEVE THAT MEAT FACES?!?

Vortian: I Can!

???: Destroy that guy.

Guards tunjuk up and capture the vortian and kill him.

???: That was the wrong guy, but, who cares. I, Lard Nar of the Resisty, will dispose of those two, They will no longer threaten us.


The enterance to Zero's base opens.

Zero: This is my Base....
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