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"Unacceptable," the Purple Tallest berkata sternly. "It has been 3 days and Planet Earth is still on radar."
"It was your idea to send Ume to Earth." red Tallest replied. "But do not fear, I'm sure she has everything under control. I know Ume; she's a very determined Irken."
"You know her?"
Red Tallest nodded. "She's a voluntary social adviser."
"In that case, bring me her Irken files. I must know lebih information on this female..."


OC/Invader Name: Ume ("Blossom of the Plum") (Oo-may)
Creator: Lolly4me2
Home Planet: Irk
Current Location: Earth
Current Residence: Base of Invader Zim
Assignment: "Assist...
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I just Cinta voice Berlakon :3 I found this hilarious video of Max Giliardi swearing to someone called Metaphor128 XD and I thought if anda put this in Mason's mouth and he's saying this ;D LOL now pretend and see the funniness >:3 hope anda like it
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