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posted by RealCosmic
A/N- saichanlovestoad does not own Invader Zim and she isnt not making any money off this fic.

This is an Mpreg Slash fic. anda don't like, don't read. I personally like it. There are several crack pairings in this one as well, including Tallest/Zim, Skoodge/Zim, Sizz-Lorr/Zim, and others. The main pairing is ZADR, though. This story also comes with warnings: Oral sex, fisting (sexual term for shoving knuckle into privates), strong language, graphic detail, repeated Mpreg, nonconsenual sex (ie-rape), fetishism, and use of toys. Any other warnings will be added on later. No flames. You've been...
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In preparation for the impending 'Invader Zim' TV movie, I did a full series re-watch and decided to rank my bahagian, atas 10 'Invader Zim' episodes of all time! Here we go!

10. 1x17b 'Lice'
I Cinta 'Lice'! That's a weird thing to say... anyway, this is a really cool episode. One of my favourite things about it is how Dib thinks Countess von Verminstrasser is insane for believing in the Lice Queen even though he routinely gets called insane for believing in the paranormal. He does the same thing to her as his classmates/family/the general public does to him!

9. 1x10b 'Bloaty's pizza Hog'
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posted by DMhello
Camping Trip- Zim`s P.O.V.
This is a sequel to "Return of the Shadow Hog"

I was in my house making makan malam, majlis makan malam for myself; I was in a short sleeved white baju, blaus and my usual black pants and nothing else, with the exception of my wig and lens. I was putting the finishing touches on my shougayaki (grilled pork with ginger) I could now have thanks to Gaz, she gave me some of her antidote she invented when she first came to this planet, now I could eat whatever I wanted. There was a knock on the door and I reluctantly went to the door. When I opened the door I found Dib
Zim: "oh hay Dib, what are you...
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ok, I havn't done anything in a while,so heres a little action for you-or your OC-and Zim.if anda dont like smexy-ness with Zim, then dont read.

Your sitting in your room, on your bed, Muzik from your computer on full blast(you choose the song). Your hair is in your face; your eyes wet with tears. A phone is in your hands. saat before this moment anda were having a conversation with your boyfriend, and he was making anda laugh, like he always has. Just as anda thought he was going to ask anda to go to the movies, atau come over to his house... he dumped you. Then to...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 Cinta Zadr
Love Zadr
Gaz:Grrrr!!!! Tak:Same Here....Gaz:Ur Mad Too Tak:Well I'm Mad At Dib Gaz:Why????Tak:CUZ!!! HE BREAK MY FREAKIN HEART!!!!!! Gaz:Wow!! Tht Happen Tht To Me Too Zim Broke My Heart!!!!!!!!! Tak:If Dib Broke My hati, tengah-tengah Gaz:And If Zim Broke My Heart......Gaz ANd Tak :Oh No Not Again!!! *Mean While* Gir:Master Can I Ask U A soalan Zim:WHT Is It Gir??Gir:Why Did U Broke Gaz's hati, tengah-tengah <3 Zim:*Blushes Really Hard*Ummm........NON OF UR BUSSINES Gir:WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zim:FINE!! Becuz I Like ....Umm...My.....Enemy. Gir:Which One?!?!?!? Zim:D...i....b Gir:AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...
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I was sitting on the sofa at my parents house back on irk. I was thinking about the time I spent on earth. My parents were out at a meeting. For some reason, a name popped up in my head. Zim. Zim? Why should I remember him. He was a jerk. But here i am now. 2 years later. 2 years older. And I'm sat on my bedside cabinet waiting for Zim to return home. I Cinta him. Gir and mimi are out children robots- we treat them like kids-they are very spoilt indeed. Well here is our story about our relationship.

I'm a irken invader, as is zim. We worked together, not that we enjoyed it- but we had no choice....
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posted by iPsychic
'The Angry Monkey Show's starting!!' yelled Gir who took off his dog suit and sat down in front of the TV. Appearing on the screen, was the Angry Monkey.
'I LIKE MONKEYS!' he yelled at the screen. Gir looked up to see his leader, Zim, staring down at him.
'Gir... I... am... trying... TO CONCENTRATE! I'm thinking of ways to get rid of that Dib-Human!' hissed Zim. 'Also, keep it down! The whole world doesn't need to know what you're watching!'
'...What?' asked Gir.
'Ugh, sometimes I wish I knew what was going on in Gir's mind!' Zim grunted.
'I do too!' Gir shouted.

*Inside Gir's Mind*

'Hey! I thought...
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*Gir stares at Dana in dis belief*
Gir: i....i thougt anda luved*a tear rolls down his cheek*
*gir backs up in a corner*
*then he runs out the door crying*
*as Gir walks thoughs flow head*
Gir: (talks to himself)*sniff sniff* i should have been nicer to cupcake, kek cawan *sniff*
Gir: but now, *sniff* shes all asploded
Gir: WHHHHHHYYYYYYY??!!!*cries hysterically*
*flies off*
Sasha: Kil! stop bein a perv!!*nudges him*
*kad and Zim laugh*
Kil: what? *laughs a little himself*
Kad: hey, wheres Gir?
Zim: Gir's missing?
Kil: gggiirr!
Kad: oh no, hes- hes gone!!
Sasha: we need to go...
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posted by misanthrope86
I have written peminat fiction before, but only one My Chemical Romance peminat fic and a few 'House MD' peminat fics. This is my first 'Invader Zim' peminat fiction. I don't write peminat fiction like most people do. My peminat fics are designed to be funny and they do not follow normal peminat fiction conventions. If anda do not like the way I right, that is fine, but please don't tell me how my story would be better if I ended it a different way atau made it longer atau something. This peminat fic is just for fun, take it atau leave it. I hope anda like though!

Zim & Gir Go To The Mall

"GIR, do anda have any sevens?"

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suddenly my cell phone rang and Ravena disappeared. "hello?" i answered it. "hey Cynder, anda wanna come to the skate park after Skool with Sasha and me?" i heard Zim ask me. i was surprised he had a phone! i considered it, but...

"sorry, Zim, i've got plans. maybe some other time?" i answered back. "sure." he cheered, and i could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice.

RING! RING! lunch time.

i sat seterusnya to Yugi in his little group. well, in between Yugi and Joy. "hey Yugi, wanna come to my house after Skool?" i invited when i had finished my Mac and Cheese. "sure!" he cheered. Joy giggled,...
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posted by Solo28
 Zero and Z-9's True Forms
Zero and Z-9's True Forms
Zero, Zim, and Z-9 enter Zim's base.

Zero: Nice place....

Gir walks up to Zero with his Rubber Piggy


Zero: Does your dog always act that way

Zim: Yes Sadly.

Z-9 walks up to Gir, they start rolling on the floor.

Zero: Well, I gots to go, [whistles] Z-9, Let's Go

Z-9: Awwww.....

Zero and Z-9 just vanish, they fade into the background


Zero: Nice work, Z-9,Now to call my leaders.

Z-9: Can I get a Taco

Zero: Go for it.

Z-9 jumps into a box of Tacos and devours every piece of Taco



Pilot: Incomming Transmission from Earth

Red: Must be Zim again....

On the screen comes on an Irken with Green Eyes and a Blue uniform

Purple: That's not Zim....It's-It's

Unknown Irken: It's Me, Invader Zero

Red and Purple both gasp

Red: I thought anda were arrested and sent to Vort prison

Zero: I was, but I escaped to redeem myself to you...
posted by zim123456
again,i can't sleep and i have to take a exam. in the morning but that wasn't it,i feel i wasn't in this world anymore but i push the feeling away and turn on the tv i was watching invader zim.yeah a college girl watching a cartoon but i was a fangirl of zim.

i feel of triedness i turn off the tv and go to katil went to sleep.

i woke up i push myself out of katil it felt diff. in the house i got dress and walk around the house i don't see my parents atau my cat name new york.

i went outside and i went to school it spell skool "ah crap" i ran to my house and hear a knock on the door.

"you need to report...
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posted by InvaderNeek01
relationship between Gaz and Zim in the tunjuk could be accurately described as unfriendly and aloof. Acquaintances at best, neither character has ever expressed anything close to affection for atau even a friendly demeanour towards the other. In fact, Gaz has hardly spoken lebih than a few lines to Zim, and clearly considers him a vague nuisance rather than an actual threat to Earth.
Their contact throughout the series is very limited. Not unlike Dib's disregard for GIR, Zim often brushes his mortal enemy's little sister off when dealing with the pair of them. It is hinted in Future Dib that he...
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posted by misanthrope86

Lately, a couple of people have been running around here yelling about how "gross" ZaDr (the Zim and Dib romance) is and blah, blah, blah. So I wanted to talk abou tmy position on some of these issues, even though the people who need to hear my message are probably not going to read my message, and if they do, I'm sure they will just saying something in response that makes no sense atau is offensive. But here goes...

1) anda are not required to like ZaDr.
~ I am 100% certain that there is no law requiring anda to like ZaDr, atau to visit the ZaDr club, atau to look at and komen on ZaDr images/videos/fanfics...
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posted by zagrfreak94
A wonderful nightmare

There was darkness that bounded around Zim, he walk knowing it would lead him nowhere. He couldn't help but feel that someone was watching him, he felt fear and uneasy as he heard someone titter.

"Who's there?"He asked, trying to keep his voice livid and rough. No one answered.

"Show yourself pitiful creature of darkness, atau suffer the rakit of the Almighty Z-,"Zim was then interrupted sejak the same titter he heard earlier, It was longer and lebih uncontrollably. But then it stopped and was replaced with a low and dangerous growl.

"Oh shut up."It said. "I'm in a good mood...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 Dib:Hey Zim<33
Dib:Hey Zim<33
*At Skool*

Zim:uhh I'm Bored

Gaz:M3 2

Dib:Me 3

Rubii:Maybe We Should Do Something After Skool

Dib,Gaz And Zim:Wht?

Rubii:Lets Have A Pool Party After Skool At 4:30P.m



Gaz:But Were Should We Do The Pool Party

Dib:Lets Do It at My House

Zim: *Smirks*Good Idea Dib-Worm

Rubii:Yeah Good Idea

Gaz:Ok Guys!Now Wht Should We Eat For The Pool Party

Dib:I Know! PIZZA!

Zim:Yes! Pizza


*Tak Spyes*

Tak:Uhh! Their Planning To Do A Pool Party WithOut Me >:(

Carolina:I Know Tht is So Not Fair

Erick:Uhh DOrks!

Melissa Nar: I Know

*After Skool All The Class Leave The Class And Go To The Buses*...
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posted by lillymango1
 loceng and Gir
bell and gir
while zim was at school Gir was outs sideplaying " muffins " he cheerd then awhite light shot from the sky " look its a stick " he lookedat it the the light came down itwasa girl with white hair " hello there cutie whats your name " she berkata " Gir !!! " he boomedas he ran in circles " your mine now my little girly " she berkata picking him up " my names loceng " shesaid " loceng bellyou smell like a shell " as acted a bit funny she flew overto zims school the loceng ranzim came out and saw Gir in the handsof loceng " anda there let go of Gir !!!" hesaid to her " no, girlys mine now " she glared " yay im loved sejak starger " as he waved his arms "girly ???" zim iched his head " his names Gir " zim screamed a minit later dibcameout he saw zim and his pahetic dog aka robot aka Gir and saw the unusal girl he ignored them loceng flew offtrying to get away fromzim " did anda knowwho that was girly " sheasked Gir ???
 loceng , Gir andzim
bell , gir andzim
posted by titanicdragon
Sarah's pov

I knew it be best if I didn't tell Zim about the dream he freak! It was weird how much I seemed to mean to him, it was like I change him somehow. No he still was full of himself, talked in thrid person and hated Dib. Still the same but loveable Zim. I smiled at him it was Sunday and school would started all over again before we knew it.

"UGGGG" I thought

Zim wraped his arms around me and kissed my forhead.

"Good morning my sweet little Sarah"

I giggled


"YOU your just funny thats all" I kissed him

He smiled a big smile then got up.

"Love-pig stay here!" he ordered

I rolled my eyes

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posted by titanicdragon
Sarah's pov

I walked to the Skool and came a upon Dib tackling Zim to the ground!

"I will tunjuk the world what anda really are Zim and then the world will be save once and for all!!"

"Get Off of Me Dib-Worm!"

"I win Zim!" he berkata with a laughed.

I put my backpack to the ground and side tackled Dib.


He shook his head suprised at what I just did, I helped Zim back up.

"You ok?"

"Fine, nice tackle"


I think I was blushing.

"So, anda are an alien!"

Now I was mad, I had to keep my angry down atau else I swear his ear off.

"Listen I know your type! anda bully someone who is different to...
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posted by titanicdragon
Dib's pov

I was upset in many ways and I still couldn't make sence of any of this. The one thing I wasn't upset about was I was an alien I was upset because I had been lied to! I wanted answers! But Gaz didn't want to talk about it she never did. At least bintang had Zim though I still hated him, he did make her happy and he be there for her. In a tiny way I envy that Zim of all people had bintang as his lover!
I shook the feeling away. Ghost was willing to listen and talk about my troubles but at the same time bintang and Zim were right that it would only drive me nuts! But was it so bad that I want...
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