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hampir setahun yang lalu HIT3kNology said…

Wearing a Hijab is a beautiful thing... The women feel humbled to God, empowered, respected, loved, looked up to. People concentrate on them and not on how they look. And as a muslim i respect that! what i see in it... definatly the wear and definatly the behavior... definatly fashion! as for us men... i have to be honest and say i dont think we'd be able to do it... looks better on women ;-)


hampir setahun yang lalu Cinders said…
First of all, let me preface this by saying I am not Muslim, but I am a fan of this spot because I find it to be a fascinating, beautiful, and vastly misunderstood religion in the western world.

That said, I've heard people who don't understand the religion claim that the hijab is a form of feminine suppression, but I beg to differ. I know plenty of girls who aren't forced to wear it by anyone, and choose to do so of their own accord. They see it a symbol of their devotion to Allah, modesty, and good faith. The girls I know who wear it are their own persons, and as vastly different from each other as any Muslim woman who chooses not to wear it. I don't see it as a personality or form of behavior. The main thing these women have in common are religion, opinions or faith. The extent of each of these varies from person to person.

To me, wearing the hijab is similar to a Christian who wears a cross necklace around their neck all the time. It doesn't dictate who you are, and it isn't a form of suppression, it's a form of expression.
hampir setahun yang lalu D4RK_ANG3L said…
Thanks dear.. I really like your opinion.
"It is supposed to be a form of expression instead of suppression".

Note: I am a Muslim.
hampir setahun yang lalu sillyansally said…
Different people are comfortable with different things. I personally don't wear full hijab but wear modest yet fashionable clothes and a headscarf. That's what wearing the hijab means to me.