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Itachi:Why are anda following me?

Roxy:*thinks* Why is he so calm? I need help, anda know!!!

Itachi: So anda should need another help.

Roxy:*thinks* Awww,now I've had enough! *throws a merah jambu ball out of magic to Itachi*

Itachi: Man,you're really strong!

Roxy:*thinks* He should NOT fight with a fairy!

Itachi: anda could come with me and anda could sertai my Organisation.

Roxy:*thinks* Yes!

So Roxy go with Itachi to the Akatsuki HQ and she won't know what happens then...

To be continued...
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???:*woke* Where am I?

The girl,who woke in a mysterious World,wore a violet Longshirt,which has got short sleeves and a hood,a silvergrey pair of skinny jeans and black Converse.
Its girly,but casual. But then masked guys attacked her.

???:Oh no! *hides*

And suddenly,a guy with long raven hair,like hers,is appearing.

????:Leave her alone.

Then the masked guys disappeared.

???:Thanks.Who are you?

????:I am Itachi.

???:I am Destiny.

Itachi:Come with me.I am bringing anda to Akatsuki. I should teach anda fighting.

To be continued...
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Is this were my life ends? The last thing I told my mother was that I hate you, and I don't wanna live with u. I opened my eyes again, and they were gone. My tears were streaming down my cheeks, as I kept running . I approached the gates of the village, u can't know how happy I was for still having my head above me shoulder. " Are u okay,Tera-san?" I saw Kakashi in-front of me."No I......" I stopped talking, because I noticed Saskue beside him. I pushed Kakashi aside, and said,"Never mind." I ran back to my apartment. It was dark, and I felt a body moving, and I heard it saying,"Closer.. closer..."
I thought it was my imaginary , but than somebody but his hand on my shoulder. And than, it said," I smell blood.."

{to be continued}
The Akas(=Akatsuki Members) was now introduced to Roxy. The blonde guy whos name was Deidara,caught Roxys eye. She is suddenly interested in him.

Roxy:*thinks*He is so cute!

Deidara:*looks at Roxy*


Pain:Ok,Roxy would be the Partner of Deidara.

Roxy and Deidara:*thinks* Yes!!!!

Later Deidara and Roxy were in the sleeping room.

Roxy:*thinks* Awwwww I have to share a room with a boy!But...thats good too. Hes so cute!!!!

Deidara:*sighs* Well,un... So u r a fairy...

Roxy:Yup! Thats right!!! *smiles*

Deidara:Nice to meet anda Roxy sejak the way,un. *smiles back*

Roxy:*blushed hardly*

To be continued (In the deidara club)...
Itachi and Roxy,who was now unfairy, arrived at the Akatsuki HQ.
A silverhaired guy came to them.

???:He Itachi,who's that Bitch?

Itachi:Hidan,watch your language,please.


Then a blonde guy came to them.He berkata nothing to them.

???:*thinks* Who's that girl? I 've never seen her!

Itachi:Oh,theres Pain-sama.

Pain: Whos this,Itachi?

Itachi:This is Roxy. I found her.


Pain:Which are ur abilities?

Roxy*thinks* Ok,if he want to...Roxy Believix!*transforms*


Roxy:Yep!!!I am a fairy!!!

Itachi:*smirks**thinks* I know this already!

???:*thinks* She's cool!!!

Roxy:*throws a magic ball at Pain*

Pain: Ahh!! *thinks* She is strong!!!

To be continued...