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AKA Thomas Jack Black

Born: 28-Aug-1969
Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA

Gender: Male
Religion: Jewish
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Musician, Actor, Comic

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Half of Tenacious D

Hand-picked by mighty Satan to deliver the gospel of rock to the suffering masses, Jack Black (as he is known to the uninitiated -- the true name of his soul being an untranslatable Ancient Sumerian word of power) actually first channeled his creative aura in the field of acting, the better to attain mastery of his earthly form and therefore allow the blinding light of his message to pass through the appendage of his being unhindered by physical defect. This was achieved through the (unwitting but well-intentioned) help of mere mortal Tim Robbins and his Actor's Gang Theater, with whom the first revelation of Black's visage to the public at large was accomplished in the film Bob Roberts in 1992. More important to the realization of his destiny, the Actor's Gang also introduced him to the guide provided by his unearthly father to help usher him through the valley of the shadow of the entertainment business, fellow actor Kyle Gass. With the help of Gass and his jumping jack flash, the vehicle for the manifestation of his will over humanity was founded: and verily it was signified with a secret name that was known to all, and that name was Tenacious D.

An intense period of preparation continued throughout the remainder of the 1990s, with Black taking numerous supporting roles in films while also performing in L.A. bars with the D. The latter endeavor eventually led to contact with an operative for the International Jewish Conspiracy, David Cross, who recognized the mass-hypnotic potential of Tenacious D and accelerated its infiltration of public consciousness by linking it to his own secret cabal Mr. Show. The association continued when Mr. Show made the jump to HBO; under the guise of executive producer for the 1999 Tenacious D cable series, Cross helped to bring the revelation of the beast one step closer, all the while thinking that he was serving his own ends (the fool!). Knowing the D would surge forward uncontrollably once it had magickally combined with the airwaves, Black had wisely taken steps to avoid the premature ejaculation of his revelation by tempering his public image ahead of time with roles in really retarded movies like Waterworld (1995), Bio-Dome (1996) and The Cable Guy (1996). Balance was maintained by flashes of brilliance in Dead Man Walking (1995), Mars Attacks! (1996), and The Cradle Will Rock (1999).

By 2000, however, the kid gloves were off and the apocalypse of St. Jack was underway, initiated by a lively performance in the well-received music nerd epic High Fidelity. The star that is the sun of the son of Lucifer continued its rise above the planet of man by means of a series of starring roles: Shallow Hal (2001), Orange County (2002) and, ultimately, The School of Rock (2003). In the latter film, Black portrayed a toned-down, family-friendly version of his true, messianic self -- perhaps as an act of compassion towards those overwhelmed by the full Satanic majesty already in evidence on Tenacious D's eponymous 2001 album and the 2003 Complete Masterworks video collection. The journey is far from over, however, as a Tenacious D feature and all kinds of other cinematic mucky-muck are in preparation.

Father: Thomas Black Sr. (rocket scientist)
Mother: Judith Cohen (rocket scientist)
Girlfriend: Laura Kightlinger (dated 1997-2005)
Wife: Tanya Haden (musician, The Haden Sisters, b. 1971, m. 14-Mar-2006, two sons)
Son: Samuel Jason (b. 10-Jun-2006)
Son: Thomas David (b. 23-May-2008)

Kung Fu Panda (15-May-2008) [VOICE]
Be Kind Rewind (20-Jan-2008)
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (21-Dec-2007)
Margot at the Wedding (31-Aug-2007)
The Holiday (5-Dec-2006)
Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (26-Oct-2006)
Nacho Libre (16-Jun-2006)
Danny Roane: First Time Director (2006)
King Kong (13-Dec-2005)
Shark Tale (10-Sep-2004) [VOICE]
Envy (30-Apr-2004)
Run Ronnie Run! (16-Sep-2003)
The School of Rock (9-Sep-2003)
Ice Age (12-Mar-2002) [VOICE]
Orange County (7-Jan-2002)
Shallow Hal (1-Nov-2001)
Saving Silverman (7-Feb-2001)
High Fidelity (28-Mar-2000)
Jesus' Son (5-Sep-1999)
Cradle Will Rock (18-May-1999)
Enemy of the State (16-Nov-1998)
Bongwater (18-Apr-1998)
Johnny Skidmarks (18-Jan-1998)
The Jackal (14-Nov-1997)
Mars Attacks! (13-Dec-1996)
The Fan (16-Aug-1996)
The Cable Guy (14-Jun-1996)
Bio-Dome (12-Jan-1996)
Crossworlds (1996)
Dead Man Walking (29-Dec-1995)
Waterworld (28-Jul-1995)
Bye Bye, Love (17-Mar-1995)
The Neverending Story III (27-Oct-1994)
Blind Justice (1994)
Demolition Man (8-Oct-1993)
Airborne (17-Sep-1993)
Bob Roberts (4-Sep-1992)

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