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Jacob Black
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Part 9 continues from part 8

. I stared in to my fiancé’s eyes; I couldn’t believe he was the one for me. The rest of the hari was great; mom made her famous pot roast, we gathered around the meja, jadual and eat as one big family. “So Jake, when anda are going to began on building that house?” asked my father.
“The pack and I plan to start tomorrow, Keila and I just have to make a floor plan, I want to make it our dream home” he answered.
“That’s great” berkata Rebecca
“How long will it take anda guys to build it” my mother asked.
“Well with my father managing and the speed and strength...
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my friend Denzel helped me out in this chapter.

"What about you?,"I questioned."Bella I'm in Cinta with you!"Jacob confessed.I was shocked and surprised,there was an awkward silence afterward.I turned to looked at him,but still stayed silent.Jacob got frustrated and regretted saying what he said.

Jacob walks up to a pokok and kicks it."I'm sorry,"Jacob says.He alters into serigala, wolf form and runs off,"Jake wait-"but it was too late,he disappeared into the dark woods.I started feeling depressed,I got in the truck.I saw the tickets on the kerusi, tempat duduk and...
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Part 13 contiunes from Part 12

“You know Keila that never once did I say that I wasn’t proud of him, but he thinks that I’m not, I’m very proud that my son is a famous Manhattan lawyer, what disappoints me is that he doesn’t care for his culture” he said. He stared at me and smiled. “You shouldn’t have to hear about my troubles, anda should go and spend time with your fiancé” he winked at me. “No its ok grandpapa” I said. “Nonsense, now go meet up with Jacob, and don’t forget what I told you” he berkata as I walked out the door.
I got to my house, I was surprised to...
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 (I DON OWN THIS PICTURE) its Just to Help in-vision Grandpa George
(I DON OWN THIS PICTURE) its Just to Help in-vision Grandpa George
Part 12 continues from part 11

“Hey there sleepy head, anda just missed the pack, they just left to anda house to continue from where they left off” she berkata to me as she made her way to the sink. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door way.
“Did Jake say anything?” I asked.
“Well he told Sam he couldn’t wait to get married” she berkata as she smirked at me.
“I dunno but I have a feeling that something isn’t right” I said.     
Emily took 2 mugs and poured some hot Coco, she sat on the meja, jadual and patted on the kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to her as to tell me come join. I sat down...
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this is not my work!!



1. On the beach, baking mud pies, 1995

"And then we would get married here on the pantai and anda would wear one of those puffy whites dresses and we would buy a house right sejak my parents' and we would have a dog and then we would have Bayi an-" 5-year-old Jacob black was interrupted in his – in retrospect rather decent prognosis – sejak a handful of mud landing on his thigh.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust, which – considering the mass of smeary mud that already covered his fingers – seemed a bit theatrical, looking at...
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Bella Swan
Jacob Black
Jacob dan Bella
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Part 10 contiunes from part 9

I didn’t get it; I don’t really understand the problem I berkata to myself as I walked back to the construction. “Your best bet is to stop hanging around Bella” berkata Sam as he nailed down the frame to the foundation.
“Yea man, if anda don’t it will only create lebih problems” berkata Jared.
“Come’ on fella’s Bella is my best friend” I berkata to them.
“Yea but Keila is your soon to be wife” berkata Quil.
I just turned away, I knew they were right Keila was the woman I wanted to marry and start a family with, but it was hard for me to let go my friendship...
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 Keila Heading to Miami pantai
Keila Heading to Miami Beach
Chapter 56......Would Keila ever forgive Jacob?.........would anda guys forgive him if anda were Keila?, i already have everything planed but leave a komen on what anda would have done?

. I stood with him downstairs and rocked him to sleep, about an jam later Oliver came back downstairs.
“I should start heading utama now” I suggested.
“Yeah it’s getting late” he said. He picked up Halian from my arms. I got up and watched him take him upstairs.
“Night” I berkata as I walked out the door.
“Night Jacob” I heard him say from a distance. I got into my car and headed home. I pulled up to...
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Part 3 continues where part 2 ended.

I started to get a little mad; he truly didn’t notice my Cinta for him at all. I didn’t have anything else to say, I just kept on driving until we got to the beach. I pulled up to the space, I quickly turned off my car. He noticed me upset, he grabbed my arm.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Nothing Jake, I just wished that anda could open those eyes and realize”……I stopped myself.
“Realize what?” he asked. He looked at me with concerned written in his face.
“That……that….that she isn’t the one for you” I know I lied but I didn’t...
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Jacob Black
Bella Swan
Bella Swan
Jacob Black
New Moon