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 Just wanted to say hi =P
Just wanted to say hi =P
Sorry that i didnt put anda in the other artikel o.O so i made one just about anda to make anda happy because anda were being a loser so i made one just so anda would shut up =P jk jk -lol-
hhhhmmmmm.. this is a lil werid because i have no idea what to type >.< xD silly me -lol- ROFL!!
HHHMM mmmm... what 2 say.... OOOO I KNOW!!!
YOUR A DORK!!! HAHA=] jk jk well let me say that i guess your a hero of me even all we really is talk about ....... idk and... >.< uhh like i berkata this is a lil crazy and making feel kinda weird because i have nothing to say -lol- so yeah so it looks like i made a lil thingy for anda so shut up!! jk jk =] xD

FROM: Caleb's Wife,
posted by London_Victoria
 Me Goes RAWR!!!
Me Goes RAWR!!!
xD anda Could say that i wasnt suppose to talk about my bestest friend ever on here and my boyfriend she hooked me up with but anda know what i say >.< GO TO HELL WITH IT!!! xD <3333

i liked how i berkata that GO ME!!!

oh yeah Devon -lol- Cinta anda DEVON AND caleb xD
_____ _____
the reason why i Cinta devon so much is cause she hooked me up with the hotest guy ever aka caleb -lol- but besides that OMG!!! theres alot of reason why i Cinta her even though we do have alotin common ^_^ and for caleb thats WAY TO HARD to explain LOL but hei i Cinta them with all my hati, tengah-tengah <33333333
I Cinta anda GUYS VERY MUCH!!!!!<3333
 Like My Teeth GGGRRRR!!!
Like My Teeth GGGRRRR!!!