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Jareth and Sarah How would anda feel if they made a Labyrinth 2, and Jareth and Sarah were together?

35 fans picked:
That would be nice
I don't think there right for each other
 safben posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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JarethFan picked That would be nice:
i hink that i should be with Jareth... *wink wink*
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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KitKat71483 picked That would be nice:
I kept hoping that they would make a part 2 with an older Sarah. But, both actors moved on I guess. And thats why I found Fanfiction! ;) Anything can happen in fanfic! Love it!
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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karaouq picked That would be nice:
lol yes write your own ending haha :D
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.