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How do anda add people to im chat with them?

 Favouritegurl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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cutecultkitty said:
For contacts already in your Friends list:

Scroll over your friend's name, and click invite.
Verify your friend's e-mel address in the dialogue box that appears, and click Next.
Choose to send a standard invitation to your friend, atau customize the message sejak entering text in the text field.
Click Next.
Click Finish in the dialogue box that appears confirming that your friend was invited.

For contacts not in your Friends list:

Click +Add at the bottom of your Friends list.
Enter the e-mel address of the friend you'd like to add.
If you'd like to add lebih than one friend at a time, just make sure to separate their e-mel addresses with commas.
If the Friends you'd like to invite are listed in your Gmail Contacts list, click Choose from my contacts... after clicking +Add.
Click seterusnya >> after you've entered all the Friends you'd like to invite.
A dialogue box will appear to pasti that your Friends were invited to Google Talk. Click Finish.

If you're a Gmail user, new contacts in Google Talk will also be added to your Gmail Contacts list, and vice-versa. Keep in mind that removing atau blocking someone from your Google Talk Friends senarai does not affect your Gmail Contacts list.

This has been copied and pasted directly from Google. Hi, I am a real person now, I saw now, because everything above this paragraph is a rip. How is everybody doing?
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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