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:O lovessss it!
beat again
official Muzik video
everybody in Cinta
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jls performing with westlife!
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Aston Merrygold has revealed that his JLS bandmates have started calling him "Skinny Bum".

The 22-year-old singer berkata that he picked up the nickname after his fellow group members saw him naked after a concert.

Merrygold told the Daily Star: "We normally jump straight into the showers after a show. I jumped out naked and was waving my bum at the lads, messing about.

"They've nicknamed me 'Skinny Bum' ever since. They won't stop calling me it."

He added: "We call Oritse 'Hancock' because of his superhero-sized willy, Marvin 'Incredible Hulk' because of his big muscles and JB 'Bananaman' because [his group colour is] yellow."
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Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
Everybody in love, go on put your hands up
If you’re in love, put your hands up hand up

You know anda need someone
When the need’s so strong
When they’re gone anda don’t know how to go on
So the whole world is stuck in a moment
Standing still until they come back

You accept that they’ve, got things to do
But sometimes in the end there’s nothing left for you
If hurt is missing your baby
I’ve done too much of it lately

Cuz' every minit like an hour
Every hours like a day
Every hari lasts forever
But what else am...
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Ok, well i dont know about you, but i cant seem to find the JLS peminat mail address anywhere. But i do know how anda can send them mail. anda can send them peminat mail to the venues they are performing at, at least a week before they perform.
Here is a senarai of venues in the U.K that do and dont pass on peminat mail:

-The Adelphi Theatre
-Albans Arena (St Albans)
-Almeida Theatre
-The Anvil Theatre
-The Apollo Theatre (London)
-Ashcroft Theatre (also known as Fairfield Halls) (Croydon)
-Assembly Hall Theatre
-Belfast Odyssey
-Birmingham Academy
-Birmingham Hippodrome
-Blenheim Palace
-Bournemouth International...
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- Everybody In Cinta with Lanarkshire Racecourse -

Hamilton Park Racecourse, in association with leading konsert producers Liz Hobbs Group Ltd, is pleased to pasti chart-toppers JLS are set to return to the Lanarkshire racecourse on Friday 23rd July 2010.

Following their spectacular performance at the racecourse in 2009, JLS released their debut single, Beat Again; which went to number one in the UK singles chart, and sold lebih than 100,000 copies. The band then notched up a further UK number one with their saat hit, Everybody in Cinta and finished off their amazing tahun with two MOBO awards....
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JLS are amazing!!Theyre soo funny!
x factor
live tunjuk
beat again
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