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posted by dorrit
Miss Waddell's greatest Televisyen achievements were the roles of Molly Gibson and Tess of the d'Urbervilles. She brought both characters to life and they stay in the imagination for ever.
Tess had a terrible time, but Thomas Hardy claimed that he described life as it really is. Molly's story was a much easier experience. However Elizabeth Gaskell's other novels are as grim and realistic as those of Hardy.
Admirers of these two great authors should sertai the JUSTINE WADDELL peminat CLUB and help shape it's development.
She is very much their actress !
Imagine the delight of finding out that miss Waddell was in a stage play in London.[ "THIS MUCH IS TRUE " at the THEATRE503 ].
There were only 3 performances left and 2 of these were fully booked. I don't know south London , but the TRANSPORT FOR London website made the theatre easy to find. It is on the saat floor of the " LATCHMERE "Public House where they produce new plays in a modern way.
The evening consisted of a rapidly changing sequence of dramatic ideas in which each actor played a lot of different characters. It must have been exhausting for all the cast who worked so hard.
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posted by dorrit
I have just watched the DVD of "THE FALL " starring Justine Waddell.
I think that this is a natural serial and works best if anda view it in half jam chunks. This is almost visual Shakespeare.
I'm thinking of his Fantasi works such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream ' atau "The Tempest ". If it were in Italian atau French it would be regarded as a masterpiece. As an English language film it may take a bit longer to gain recognition.
Miss Waddell displays her ability to tackle any role successfully.