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As 2009 slowly comes to a close, it's the season of spoils again - with award ceremonies and gayo daejun festivals coming up, who can't be excited? MAMA (MNet Asian Muzik Awards) has got everyone buzzing about the good and bad, but hey, despite disappointments and boycotts, no one can deny that Korea's got its eyes on some of the performers on MAMA's star-studded guest list.

Kara Honey won as the best dance of the year!
Kara was really pleased and they were so excited with happiness! And this tahun they had gained alot of popularity overseas!
Kara, one of the sexiest groups of girls out there on the K-Pop scene, apparently has a deceiver in their mist. Who? It's none other than leader Park Gyuri. Now, when anda look at this idol talk, sing, and dance; what thoughts run through your head? Sexy, feisty, sizzling hot? These words are no strangers to us when it comes to the oh-so-fierce leader, but apparently her mother thinks otherwise.

In an interview with the SBS E! channel, Gyuri's mother said, "Park Gyuri's real image is the exact opposite of her on-air image. She has a very quiet and calm personality; when she debuted, I was worried about what would happen." She continued on saying, "People ask if Gyuri acts in such a powerful way in her personal life as she does on-air, but the truth is that she's like any other simple daughter who's reserved, kind, humble and very corny."

Could this be true? That begs the question: How many other idols are living double personalities?
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Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Kara Han Game Cafe! Please watch our video to see all of the 5 version of our KARA!!!!^_^

Cinta and Support Kara as always! Piseth^_^
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Hi everybody i just want to tell anda that our Kara has just made a Freestyle commercial! Kat^_^ They look so cute and sexy. This is just a commercial to help cheers game players up. anda can watch Kara kat video cf on youtube. If you're a peminat of K-pop stars checked allkpop.com

A piece of good news for all. Guys are now allowed to play the Kara girls with their fingers... in their own room.

No, I am not kidding, but it is not what your dirty minds think. Kara girls are actually transforming into virtual in-game characters for an online bola keranjang video game called Freestyle, owned sejak the JCE Entertainment....
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With their growing popularity, it really isn't a surprise that girl group Kara has yet again scored another deal! This time, the ladies snagged the saat season of Mnet's Crown Bakery. If anda recall, another girl group opened up their own bakery kedai a while back. It'll be interesting to see how the girls of Kara will differ from the Wonder Girls!

In a nutshell, the Kara girls will be paired with aspiring young patissiers where they will bake different stuff in each episode according to their mission. There will be an elimination round at the end of each episode. The Kara girl whose partner is eliminated will get a new one but will have to start their relationship from scratch. The final survivor at the end of the series gets to win a sum of money.
posted by Piseth
We reported earlier that Kara had joined the chicken war among girl groups, as Model for COB Chicken.

And the CF has finally been released.

When anda first play the CF, anda would have thought that anda were just watching a clip of Kara doing their trademark butt dance from Mister. The CF finally kicks in with a still of some generic abs and then the chicken at 0.18. It was a smart alih to incorporate the butt dance into the CF. Kara will have their final goodbye stage on Inkigayo tomorrow.
 KARA at Tokyo Dome
KARA at Tokyo Dome
Back in December, we reported plans for a KARA anime! It looks like those plans panned out as a pratonton of ‘KARA: The Anime‘ was recently uploaded from the girls’ Tokyo Dome concert.

The tunjuk will depict the 5 beautiful ladies of KARA and the characters will be based on the individual personality and image of the members.

An earlier pratonton of the Anime had been circulating for a few months, this new pratonton shows improved artwork and lebih of the action-packed story line for the anime. There are also clips of the girls recording the dialogue and posing for scenes.

After ‘KARA the Animation’ airs in Japan, it is planned to air in Korea at a later tarikh as well.

Check out the latest pratonton at Forum
After picking up the first 2009 bahagian, atas 10 award of the night, Kara seems to be in high spirit as they performed their two 2009 hits "Wanna" and "Mister". I've never realized how much I've missed their butt shaking dance until now. I mean the butt shaking part alone is deserving of at least one award.

Here's the video:

And sejak the way, here is the senarai of the winner of Melon Muzik Awards...
2009 SONG
Winner: SNSD - Gee

Melon Muzik Awards 2009 ALBUM
Winner: G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

Melon Muzik Awards 2009 ARTIST
Winner: SNSD

Melon Muzik Awards 2009 NEW ARTIST
Winner: 2NE1

Melon Muzik Awards 2009 STAR
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 MBLAQ's Thunder and KARA's Park Gyuri
MBLAQ's Thunder and KARA's Park Gyuri
KARA‘s Gyuri and MBLAQ‘s Thunder are joining forces for a new drama!

This will be the first time for both to take on Berlakon as main characters, making it a special project for the two. However, it’s not their first time trying their hands in the Berlakon field as Gyuri has experience with Muzikal and KARA’s Japanese drama, along with a cameo for sitcom ‘What Is Mom‘. Thunder has also made a cameo in the drama ‘Padam Padam‘.

Despite the short cameos in dramas, the two made a lasting impression on viewers, and are now finally getting another turn at returning to the small screen...
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Youngji used to be a CCM trainee and she was really good at dancing... She has danced to song like Sherlock(shinee) Bang(after school) Bad Girl Good Girl(Miss A) And many lebih anda will see proof in this links

cari this for lebih covers sejak her : link and also the boys cover : link

In the tunjuk where they showed off charns and such she showed that she could dance to the songs (some of them)

In Weekly Idol there she danced to sherlock and warrior.

anda could also cari on google: Youngji dance.
posted by Piseth
Kara has been recently selected sejak Shoe Megastore LesMore to model their products. A Lesmore representative stated, "We were searching for young and sexy Model with a appealing look. All the members of KARA are charming with great character, which matches with our philosophy and image."

LesMore released some foto-foto of them but as anda can see below it's just candid shots of the members of KARA, they aren't endorsing LesMore's shoes atau products yet. I know "every wanna pretty," so check out their pretty faces on the foto-foto below, Also make sure to check out the KARAHOLIC Forums.
posted by animeadd8
The pretty girls of Kara recently telah diposkan a video message on their web page wishing everyone a Merry Krismas and a Happy New Year.

The girls gave thanks to everyone for menunjukkan them a lot of Cinta in 2009, they also stated that they will continue to work hard in 2010.

Watch the video:

Kara grew a lot in 2009, winning their first ever mutizen with Honey back in March. They also continued their success with hits such as Wanna and Mister.

Congratulations for a great 2009 and I wish them much success in 2010.
MBLAQ‘s G.O., KARA‘s Seungyeon, ZE:A‘s Siwan, SECRET‘s Ji Eun, and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu will all be making cameos in the upcoming KBS2 sitcom ‘A Bit of Love‘ (‘Remaining Love‘).

According to KBS reps, “The idols are not fixed cast members, but for about three weeks, they’ll appear as the younger versions of the five main characters and leave a strong first impression.”

G.O. will be playing the younger role of manly man Lee Jae Ryong, while Siwan will play the main character’s crush (Kim Tae Hoon). Ji Eun is set to play the feminine character of Do Ji Won, while Sunggyu will play weak-bodied Lee Hoon. Seungyeon is warming up her Berlakon chops sejak playing the main character’s (Kim Sun Mi) younger self.

It’s reported that the producers of ‘Immortal Song 2‘ had a hand in picking the idols.

Watch pratonton at Forum
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Last week we saw the smokin' Brown Eyed Girl Ga-In as a pro-gamer and now Kara's Seungyeon makes her debut as a pianist sejak day, and a hip and trendy DJ sejak night.

Seungyeon is a cute and bright aspiring pianist, yet she transforms into a sexy and charismatic club DJ inside the booth, menunjukkan a very different side of her, especially from what we have known her for.

A staff member from the campaign stated:

"For this set, Seungyeon learned how to DJ from famous DJ PsyTonic and during the filming she showed off her skills, surprising the entire staff."

For those of anda who haven't been following this series, these individual Muzik drama's are being released weekly for each member of the Samsung "4Tomorrow project."
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In a baru-baru ini interview with a Muzik site, the Brown Eyed Girls revealed for wanting to have a piece of some delicious Kara.

The girls said, "We want to raise Kara. If we were presidents of a Muzik entertainment group, we would like to scout Kara. We especially like the diligent Seungyeon and the sassy Gyuri."

If anda recall, the two girl groups joined forces as they mixed it up on the stage at MAMA. They donned on sexy black outfits and mixed their hits Abracadabra and Mister together, leaving the peminat-peminat with an unforgettable performance and taking sexy to a whole new level.

Watch the video:

Back to the topic, this news shows us that Kara's talent had been seen clearly and their seniors believe that they can success in the industry. So we as their peminat-peminat should support them no matter what happen because that is our biggest responsibility.
 Kara and BEG @ MAMA
Kara and BEG @ MAMA
posted by Piseth
We told anda guys that girl group Kara was keeping themselves pretty busy, and finally we can witness the fruits of their labor! The girls have released a CF for Oddugi, a Korean ramen, ingatan capaian rawak snack. Utilizing their bubbly personalities, cute charms, and Berlakon skills, Kara brought their "A-game" to the set, as it clearly shows in this CF.

Members Seung Yeon, Gyuri, and Ji Young have their envious sights set on Nicole and Hara as the two cuddle with very lucky young men in a typical high school scenario. From unleashing their wrath upon an innocent bowl of ramen, ingatan capaian rawak to shaking what their mamas gave them with their famous "Mister" dance, Kara definitely knows what it takes to make a simple snack like ramen, ingatan capaian rawak into a feast for the mouth and the eyes! Check it out below!
The agencies of Hara and Junhyung have now confirmed the news of the couple’s break up after getting in contact with the idols themselves.

Several insiders in the Muzik industry revealed that the two had parted and decided to remain as friends, and peminat-peminat have been looking to Cube Entertainment and DSP Media to offer komen-komen on the matter.

Having contacted the idols, reps of both agencies have received word that the two stars have indeed decided to go their separate ways.

DSP Media reps commented, “Due to their busy schedules and KARA’s stay in Jepun for their promotions, their meetings have...
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Girl group KARA’s strategy is use familiarity and their comeback. The plan is to bring familiar Muzik like “Day & Night” from their new album “Day & Night” as their winning move. It shows determination that they will maintain the sebelumnya KARA color.

KARA’s entertainment company ‘DSP Media” had a telephone conversation with ‘Dispatch’ on the 25th and revealed “There has been a lot of changes since the members changed. Thankfully the original KARA members and the new member, Youngji balanced each other a lot better than expected so the comeback tarikh is sooner...
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KARA won for Best Girl Group at 2012 All Kpop Awards last January 31, 2013

2012 allkpop awards presented sejak NAVER BAND officially opened up for voting back on December 1st, 2012. And peminat-peminat from all around the globe are voting for the best of K-pop in 2012.

The voting has been quite intense and we’ve already received over 6 million undian in just 13 days!

With that said, we’ve tallied the undian and below is an update on the standings up to this point. The nominees in many categories are very close with as little as 10 undian separating 1st and 2nd! During the 2nd week, there was quite a bit of change in rankings and the battle for the best of 2012 is heating up!

The voting will end December 31st 2012 11:59pm EST and winners will be announced on January 31st 2013.
 Goo Hara
Goo Hara
2009 yielded many surprises for the entertainment industry - some good, some bad. While there was an unfortunate series of events that plagued Korea throughout the year, a few chosen ones experienced an explosive popularity that prompted the big question, 'Where have anda been hiding?'

The IS Entertainment team created a shortlist of Korean selebriti who could be classified as an unexpected sensation this year. Here are their biggest surprise celebs of 2009.

Kara's Goo Hara was selected sejak the IS Entertainment team as the celebrity that took them sejak surprise the most. Although the ISE team predicted...
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