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katara+aang amv- with Cinta story sejak taylor pantas, swift
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 "Please....sleep--for me."
"Please....sleep--for me."
Let your consciousness be dissolved
In the night’s warm embrace;
Let all fears be resolved,
All tears wiped from your face….

Let the moon and the stars
Watch over your bedplace;
Let the wars of sebelumnya avatars
Fade out without trace....

Let the blanket of darkness
Put your weary eyes to rest,
Rid your mind of the madness
That puts anda to the test—

Let the water of my love
Be, to you, the balm
Of healing, to lift your spirit above
And immerse your hati, tengah-tengah with calm….

Let the sweetness of sleep
Free your soul from dominion;
Let your whole being sink deep
Into blissful oblivion!
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Immersed in her love,
I am weightless as a dove
In an airbender’s wake;
My very soul does shake,
As molecules of life
From the ashes of old strife,
Cradled as in Mother’s womb,
Yet freed from death’s icy tomb;
As I am drawn into Katara’s kiss,
As if drinking shadowless water, bliss-
Ful, after a century of thirst
Unquenched; the first
Drop alone sufficient for my being to burst
Forth to the fullest,
In the fullness of her embrace,
Transcending Time and Space…

So deep within the mantle of Avatar
Springs the life-giving water of Katara.
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Some people wait a lifetime for the one they truly love
But never find an answer to their prayers sent above.
How often can a boy receive his saat chance,
Frozen for a century till time again advance?
Had I not run away
To awaken on another day,
Would our eyes ever meet?
Would our souls ever be complete?

My sweet Aang, it was meant to be:
If not for you, there would be no me….
The world may have Lost anda for a century
But it seems I’ve waited an eternity!
Had anda not come to stay,
To awaken on this very day,
Would our lips ever meet?
Would my hati, tengah-tengah ever be complete?

I don’t want to...
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