Kate Upton New Club Look Suggestions [CLOSED]

jlhfan624 posted on Aug 25, 2017 at 02:44AM
I recently posted a link asking if people in the club would like a new look for the club. Since the answer was majority yes I have started this forum for people to submit new artwork they would like.

Here are just some small rules for the artwork:
~Icons should be SQUARE. I find that 150x150 works best and gives a better resolution but of course any size works as long as they are square.
~Banners MUST be 800x100 or a larger equivalent. Anything smaller will be pixely and anything larger has the potential to cut off your work.

I will keep this forum open for about a week! If you want to submit artwork and need more time, please let me know and I will certainly extend the deadline. Happy graphic making!
 I recently telah diposkan a [url=http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/kate-upton/picks/results/1645801/would-like-new-

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Icon #1
 ikon #1
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Banner #1
 Banner #1