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Source: Me (Jade/Jaedx)
The world around me began to crumble.There were muffled cries from people trying to escape their homes.Running was all I could think of doing.So I ran until my hati, tengah-tengah felt like it would jump out of my chest.I stopped when I reached the shore.I peered out into the island ahead of me and noticed two boys speaking.The silver-headed boy was surrounded sejak a dark awan and was reaching out to the brunette.Before I could watch any longer they were gone,and I was lying in my bed.

I sat up and peered at my clock through one eye.5:17am.No use in trying to go back to sleep.I decided to take a pancuran, pancuran mandian since...
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Chapter 6

“What?” Naminé was shocked, “We need to rescue her!”
"Naminé we can’t. anda know that, the Organization’s simply too strong for a group like us.” DiZ warned.
“There’s gotta be some way!” shouted Annie.
“Annie, she’ll be happy there.” Sara whispered to her, “After all, Axel’ll be there.”
“Whoever he is it doesn’t matter. She’s not selamat, peti deposit keselamatan there!” Riku shouted angrily.
Annie flinched and was speechless.
“And why is that?” awan asked.
“If she joins the Organization she’ll fight to the death so Sora will not wake up. Organization XIII is the ENEMY!!!...
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Zexion: this is it. Everything that has happened so far has led up to these last two days.

Day 82: fading away. Twilight Town: Number XVI watched her hands shimmer. «No!» She thought. «how dare my body choose now to fade on me! Jason's still in danger!» She only had one option. She let herself dissolve into hati, tengah-tengah form and floated away.

Zexion's room: Number XVI's hati, tengah-tengah floated in and, without a saat hesitation, sank itself into the sleeping Zexion.

Day 83: Xenmas's announcement. The Grey area: Zexion walked in to deliver a message, but stopped dead at the sight in front of him: Jason...
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Yes, the tajuk is in French. I did that for a reason. Feel free to translate it.

Jason and Axel where still at war. It was just put on hold until Larxene cooled down. Jason wisely snuck out of Axel's room early in the morning. In the days that followed, Jason was telah diberi harder missions after his impressive performance in Argrabah. This happened on one mission in particular…

Day 80: Aujord'hui, tousjours plus. Zexion's room: Zexion listened to Number XVI apologize about screwing up so bad. The girl who appeared in front of him in Halloween Town wouldn't give her true name, but instead called...
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Zexion: Jason's buisness doesn't matter to me. At least, not as much as it does to someone else.

Life returned to some semblance of normalcy in the istana, castle that Never Was. Larxene and Jason managed to get Xigbar to tell them where the rest of the pictures were. To Xigbar's credit, he managed to resist twenty minit of interrogation that could've put the CIA to shame before cracking. After Larxene collected and burned the pictures,(besides a select few.) she placed the unconsious, bloodied Xigbar on a sofa in the Grey Area. When everyone entered the Grey Area the seterusnya morning, they saw Xigbar...
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 A little bit on what Sayuri looks like:)
A little bit on what Sayuri looks like:)
Okay, so here's the third chapter of this! Hope anda all like and PLEASE COMMENT!! ^.^

We immediately arrive in Hollow Bas- I mean, The Radiant Garden.

"Let's go find Leon and everyone," Sora said, and along the way to Merlin's house, we saw just how much this place has improved.
When we came to the house, Sora opened the door and went in before Kairi and I could stop him and tell him to knock first.

"Hey, everybody!" Sora shouted to everyone, and they all jumped.

"Huh? Sora..." Leon mumbled after he jumped.

"Jeez, Sora! Ever heard of knocking?" Yuffie asked him and he smiled sheepishly.

"We're here...
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Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

Created sejak Ventus4U aka serigala, wolf bluewalker aka konstantinos.

Only copy! all rights not rezerved <-----------

Not copyrighted 2017 because Kingdom hearts is allready copyrighted.

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

Chapter one: Weirdness

Xemnis:This is you're new name.
Xemnis left from a weird black portal as folwx woke up in his new house knowing nothing about what happend thinking he was just new in this place called twilight town.

At mornight folwx woke up in his house
Folwx:Ugh! My back.
Folwx went outside and saw this weird a gate open and he...
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posted by Niichan
Not much to do today. Looking back at my life, I say it was fine. I have no regrets. I sigh and peek at what he's doing. The one that has my appearence is eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream. Yum! The red head is saying something, but it's too blurry for me to hear. The girl is smiling, but not really paying attention.
It pains me sometimes. The three remind me of what I used to have. Terra. Aqua. I wonder where they are now? My memories are fading fast. Maybe when my host gets a hati, tengah-tengah I can be free. Maybe Sora found a way to free me, if he hasn't forgotten me.
I slide back down into the Darkness. Vantias is glaring at me again, but I'm to tired to fight with him today. "Oathkeeper!" Vantias hisses. "Oblivion." I yawn back. My energy was all used up. Closing my eyes, I hear them, whispering from my memories.
"Ventus! Ventus! Ventus!" Yawning, I imagine laughing and sparring with Terra and Aqua as I drift.
Thanks to all those who read the last chapter, oh, and please be apart of the War of Hearts Rp!!! It's really fun to do!:D

~2. New and Mysterious

uddenly, a great light shone before me in the dark. And the Key responded to it, so - as if on instinct - I lifted the magic Key and pointed it right at the light. I heard a sound, like a door opening, and suddenly I was engulfed in the pleasant warmth of light.

Very slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked a few times until my vision cleared. I immediately saw tall town-like buildings, a white stoned ground (the ground I was sitting on), and clear, open...
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I felt them, talking, and I smiled. 'I wonder, what will happen to them if my plan fails,' I mused, 'Will Sora absorb them too?' Sora was charging at me. I moved out of the way, finally summoning my Keyblades. Oblivion, Vantias. Oathkeeper, Ventus. Who where they, and why did they have connections with my Keyblades? Sora attacked, and our Keyblades clashed.
"I'm scared," Vantias whispered. My eyes widened, and fear took me. Vantias...
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Xion was sitting on the clock tower enjoying a sea-salt Ais Krim bar, when Roxas came to her with a note. "Xion!" the blond nobody started out of breath. "I have a note for you." he berkata "who from?" the dark haried girl berkata handing Roxas a sea-salt Ais Krim bar. Roxas took the Ais Krim and berkata "I dont know.". Xion opened the note and read...
My dearest Xion,
wanna have some fun? If so meet me at the pantai around three. I'm thinking the carnivle sence it came to Twilight Town yesterday. anda in? I hope so.
always yours-

She smiled and held the note close to her. "Thanks Roxas!" she...
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Several days after Jason arrives, Zexion takes revenge on Larxene, with rather extreme consequences.

Day 12: Zexion's revenge: Vexen's room: "well, Zexion, are anda sure about this? anda don't want to over anger number XII." "I'm sure, Vexen. This should get across to Larxene to stop harassing me." "alright, just checking." Vexen went back to mixing chemicals. Zexion had come to Vexen's room to request a potion that Zexion would use for his revenge against Larxene. After asking his question, Vexen started making the potion immidiently. In the jam atau so since Vexen started making the potion,...
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Chapter 3

In a flash we were suddenly in a new but familiar place.
Sara and I had turned into very young adults while Annie had grown a few years to become looking 15.
“This is definitely not Disney Land anymore…” murmured Sara.
“Nah, Sara. But instead of talking about where we’re not, let’s talk about where the heck we are.” I berkata while shuddering.
There was a path. And we were standing right in the middle of it. One way led to a house almost like a castle, but it was blocked sejak a tall steel gate. The other way led to a gloomy forest. At the far side of the forest, anda can barely...
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Source: ME! ( kairi_sora_12)
Zexion: I thought as much. Yet again, Jason is in another mess. Someone please shoot me now.

Vexen was running an experiment straight from his dreams, and the rest of the istana, castle was watching with interest. When Roxas became a member of Organization XIII, the istana, castle was turned upside down, and Axel gained a pale imitation of emotion. Then, Xion became member 14 of the Organization, shaking it up again and making Axel the one member of the Organization with emotions. Now Jason was here, and Larxene and Zexion were both regaining their emotions, leading to Vexen's theory: Nobodies atau people with...
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