Koe no Katachi (#1) Art Contest for KonoKa - TinierMe Style!! (DEC 2014 to FEB 2015)

iamangephantom posted on Dec 21, 2014 at 03:07PM

For my second post, I made a contest, for all of the fans and would be fan members of "Koe no Katachi" fan club. To join this contest, please follow the ffg. rules:

1) Based on the title of the contest, go to this website: ( www.dreamself.me ) and create a "TinierMe" avatar for free.

2) Create one (1) avatar, inspired of "Koe no Katachi" characters (either Girl or Boy), and name it. You could either make your very own KnK OC or a look-alike character from the said manga.

3) Once you're done dressing up and designing your avatar, click the button below, with the word "Full View" and check the other tab, with a black background. When you see your TinierMe KnK avatar, press your keyboard, with a word "prt sc", which stands for "print screen". Now, to edit, you could use either the paint app, in your computer (the regular one) or some online edit websites. Just search "how to draw or edit online". Once you've open your app or online canvas/edit lay-out, right click and press "paste", or search among the menus, with the said word ready.

4) When you're done with the editting and have saved the picture ('cuz you have to crop the unneeded features on the screen shot), register by:

Name: (Fanpop username)
Contest Entry: (Name of Avatar)

- - -post your picture- - -

5)To all who have post their entries, will be numbered by me. Yes, only me (through the comments). The voting will be done by the first week of March 2014, (through a poll)

That is all! Good luck and have fun!!~

Koe no Katachi No balas