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The meaning of the emblem of the Soul Smiths-Gloryflower.
atau perhaps the oath in a manner of speaking.
"When I was a child, I was the bunga that anda protected, but now I have shed my petals and took on scales, wings and fire. Now I not anda protect all that is loved. This I promise and swear to anda all with God and Michael as my guides I shall never falter in my service." This was the oath that the Smith berkata when they turned 16 and was then considered to be an adult weather atau not, they found their mate at the ceremony atau not. In this case Shanni Kura Gloryflower would still be considered a child in her people's own eyes as her brother's genocidal attack took place before the ceremony.
The car put on its high beams and ran straight for them. Byakuya twisted the wheel to avoid the car but the other vehicle mirrored his movements and then suddenly put itself across both lanes. Jamie knew there was only one option, the steep, deep ditch and at their speed there wasn't much to do. She flung out her wings as they went over the side. The wings made for a roof that was impenetrable as the car rolled over and over and over one lebih time to land upside down in a winding ankle deep run off stream that with rain would not remain ankle deep for long. The lead thug swore as he seen his...
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B4 anda read my idea anda should read where I got my idea from. It's is sejak the penulis Qire.

Louie healed Jean's shoulder before he took her back. "Why? Tell me why. What did I do?" Jean cried as he eased her tear streamed face into his own shoulder. Louie only tightened his grip, his emotions far too hot to be comforting. On his arrival to her apartment they were confronted sejak a well dressed young woman with a warm smile that turned into concern as they neared. "Is everything alright?" Louie nodded. " Just a little over tired. That's all. Excuse us." The young woman stepped aside, but did not...
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Soul Society-Rongiku's bedroom-Rongiku's dream.

Rongiku found herself in Gin's arms dancing after her 1st successful mission at a living realm club. God she'd loved him then and still did. A kid with a tray of champagne came around to them. "Ah momma anda rockin the place with those moving curves." gin growled at the kid. "So-sorry papa bear. Grrr..here have a pass on me." The kid dangled a fancy emas coin medallion kalung from his fingers.Gin snatched it from the kid's hands and snorted. "Oh gin take it easy on him. He's just a kid." gin looked at her and smiled."You want this? Really? Its...
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Byakuya sat at his meja Membaca the slight leather bound book, making notes when it fit Drako's Hoard. When he was done he looked at his notes coming to the only conclusion anyone would make. Drako's Hoard were the smiths they were hunting....he frowned bending his head in thought. It wasn't right and though Captain Zuraki could not remember who they were. He had remembered that the leader had berkata to tell her grandfather she had no plans on taking the throne. He shook his head. Why use the Soul Society to assassinate a member of the royal family? Especially one that did not want the title....
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