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posted by SabrinaXKyoya
 Kyoya trying to ikan
Kyoya trying to fish
Continues from my story 6

"Why are we stuck on an island? I though we were supposed to be somewhere having fun!" Yu shouts at me. "Look Yu, things are only fun if anda enjoy them. anda could be doing something totally boring and yet enjoy it which to anda will seem like having fun." I answer back. 'He' taught me that. "Ya Yu. I can't believe anda didn't know that!" Kenta says joking around. "Oh please it's not like anda knew that either!" Now Kyoya comes in. They all start arguing of who knew it and who didn't. I roll my eyes and check the backpacks that came with the parachutes. Mine came with a...
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posted by kyoya02
"kyoya... where are anda going!" "me? i'm going to finish up some battles with ginka!" now listen to me! "we are all going to beat the whole gan gan gallexy!" ....... But kyoya did not know that dr.zigorot was battling gigka rite as they speak! toby masamoonays best friend was a new person now he is evil and uses the most powerful Beyblade ever TWISTED TEMPO! now lets go! "ok!" answes benkei and demure...

seterusnya chapter...

we're here "hey ginka!" yells kyoya! "kyoya help damion and his Friends are battling me!" cries gingka. fang leone! "ok, they are gone!" yells kyoya
"Nile!" massamoonay shouts "benkie, demure!" madoka says. "come on lets teach toby a lesson!" "NOOOOOO!"
massamoonay and zeo shout!
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kyoya tategami
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posted by SabrinaXKyoya
Sabrina tells Madoka of her past. Madoka confesses.

this shopping is taking longer than i thought. Sabrina should have an outfit sejak now. Sabrina puts the clothes back on the racks and sits down seterusnya to me. "whats up Sabrina?" i ask her. "Nothing really just a little tired. gonna rest a little while before i continue looking." she says. she puts her hands behind her head. i could tell something was on her mind. "what ya thinking about sabrina?" she looks at me with a far off look in her eyes. "just my past." she balas as she continues looking into space. "your past?" i ask "when anda lived...
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posted by devil_in_love
Beyblade Cinta story

Nagi: hello amu
Amu: hei nagi
Nagi: want to go to the beach
Amu: sure can I invite yaya and rima
Nagi sure I was going to invite them
Amu : I am going to call them
Nagi: ok meet anda there
Amu : no let me come to anda ok
Nagi :ok
Later in the car
Nagi : hei amu do anda have karaoke
Amu : ya
Rima : what song should we play
Yaya : five finger to the face
Amu : ok
Nagi : anda know I want anda cuse girl I really want anda
Amu : and anda looking nice
Yaya : got me sejuk than a bag of ice
Everyone: now freez frezz freez
Rima :now go
Nagi : draving fast then moveing real slow
Amu oh what
Yaya: you...
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My fav Kyouya AMV
"Its okay..calm down...",Tsubasa berkata as he hold my hand. A tear rolled down my cheek and fell on his shirt. "Its..okay...he's not going to do anything to you...",Gingka said. "Hey..Kyoya...what's up guy...?",Masamune asked. "Good...",Kyoya replied as he gave a dangerous smile. "Well...we got a new friend..",Yu said. "I know...",he replied. "Her name is..",Kenta said. "I know no excitement..",Kyoya berkata intrupting Kenta's talk. "Oh..really..that's great..",Yu shouted.
Kyoya walked to me. " are anda doing?..",he asked as he ke hadapan his one hand to shake. "Hi...I am good...thanks...
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