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posted by vitacoco123
Lauren Pritchard's debut album, Wasted In Jackson (Universal Republic Records), is an emotional kaleidoscope.

Every feeling under the sun clearly comes into focus over the course of the record. There are moments of doubt and darkness on "When the Night Kills the Day," and then there's an uplifting revelation during "Hanging Up." The first single "Not The Drinking" packs a cavalcade of feelings into a soulful declaration of moving on.

Throughout the entire ride, it's easy to get close to Lauren because she's so open. Very few artists keep it this real. Lauren's in the same league as Fiona epal, apple in terms of alternative soul, but she's also got a knack for a story that'd make Bob Dylan proud. She shows reverence to the greats, but she's got her own thing going on. Most importantly though, Lauren has made the best debut of 2010.

Wasted In Jackson may very well change pop Muzik for the better, and it couldn't have come at a better