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posted by ErzaLattina
#1 Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

#2 When they got asked when they feel an adrenaline rush, Taemin berkata "When I watch horror movies?"

#3 According to Key, Taemin is very childish.

#4 If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

#5 Onew likes the fact that he's older than Taemin and Jonghyun likes the fact that he's younger than Onew.

#6 The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live Muzik DVDs from China.

#7 Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

#8 Taemin thinks that Key looks better than Minho.

#9 Taemin thinks...
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KBS New K-drama Only anda My Cinta (당신만이 내사랑 )

[Drama Airing tarikh 24/11/2014]

Story line:

Based on the concept of a ‘sharehouse’ that’s been an issue these days, this drama is about discovering the true meaning of family through various families living under one roof.


Actress (문희경) acts as a housewife who feel stressful with her male-chauvinism husband and somehow will fangirling over Taemin in SHINee for comfort in this drama…

REALLY??? The director…is a huge Taemint then LOL

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