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AishaMahmood786 posted on Aug 10, 2011 at 07:19PM
Hey there!

My name is Aisha Mahmood and I am here to see which princess wins this weeks ffical debae on... BEST PRINCESS OF THE WEEK!
As you can see... princesses of Disney... Like Pocahontas, Cinderella, Ariel, and way more, need to be checked if they are princess material.

If you hear from users of fanpop... they may pick their best looking princess to be the best but... I want a reason why!

These Aretha lists of all the 'DISNEY' princesses. And to be very sure... Mulan does turn out to be a princess at the end if your the person who watched ALL OF 'IT'!


Name: Ariel
Royal Connection: Daughter of a King
Dominion: The Seven Seas
Nearly Assassinated by: Ursula the Sea Witch
Prince: Eric

Name: Cinderella
Royal Connection: Married a Prince
Dominion: Far Away
Nearly Assassinated by: Evil Step Mother, Lady Tremaine
Prince: Prince Charming

Name: Aurora
Royal Connection: Daughter of a King, Married a Prince
Dominion: Far Away
Nearly Assassinated by: Maleficent
Prince: Prince Phillip

Name: Jasmine
Royal Connection: Daughter of a Sultan
Dominion: Agrebah
Nearly Assassinated by: Jafar
Prince: Aladdin

Name: Tiana
Royal Connection: Married a Prince
Dominion: Moldovia
Nearly Assassinated by: Dr Facilier
Prince: Naveen

Name: Snow White
Royal Connection: Married a Prince, Daughter of a King
Dominion: Far Away
Nearly Assassinated by: The Queen/Witch
Prince: 'The' Prince

Name: Pocahontas
Royal Connection: Daughter of a Chief
Dominion: 'North America'
Nearly Assassinated by: No Direct Attempt
Prince: John Smith

Name: Belle
Royal Connection: Married a Prince
Dominion: France
Nearly Assassinated by: No Direct Attempt
Prince: The Beast

Name: Rapunzel
Royal Connection: Daughter of a King
Dominion: Unknown
Nearly Assassinated by: No Direct Attempt
Prince: Eugene Fitzherbert

Name: Mulan
Royal Connection: Married a 'prince'
Dominion: China
Nearly Assassinated by: The Hun
Prince: Li Shang - they do become the king and queen

That is all I see... the main Princesses! No other princesses you will mension that you like will end up on this debate!

Are you ready? Now all you are going to have to do is... write as a comment to enter the debate is... :

Full Name:
What Princess:
Reason Why:
Princess Bio:

That is all you need to write! I will decide... and we will decide as contestants... who's princess should be the princess of the week!

Some of the bio is already with me guys so don't sweat it! And if you want to support your choice... add a picture! I am sure that this will be the best debate over princesses and we can have arguments and the users that have joined this debate can only debate and hurry up fast! Only 10 contestants can fit and you have to hurry quickly... if 2 people chose the same princess then the first one to comment as that princess being their choice gets to be in the debate... the other one can't join or has o pick another left over princess. Only one person for one princess and first one to chose is in! (There can't be substitutes.)

Which is your favorite princess? Why? Tell me! Because these are the rules:

> Do not use swearing in the debate or you are disqualified and the princess can't have another supporter to be replaced so the princess is... OUT.

> There can only be one supporter for one princess. Not 2 or even more.

> First one to comment is the first one to get the princess they want... for e.g, "(write your name and stuff then write - ) I want _______ and the reason and stuff!" You have to write what I told you to write too : Name: Age: ect. ect.

> If you write spam... you cannot enter the debate. And if you are already in the debate then you can be OUT!

> Lastly, the debate can only have 10 supporters. One supporter for one princess, no more than that. And they can't be replaced.

That is about it, further information then ask me! And of course you can quit the debate!

We will do challenges... best looks... great motto and stuff like that! So please enter! It will start on October 1st and build up! Get ready to plan! And add pictures too in the debate. Send me a message if you want further information. I will give you all sorts of detail and updates of this fantastic 'Debate!'

In simpler terms:

The debate held on October 1st
Pick a princess, only one supporter for each princess, first one to chose that princess, then they get her.
There will be so many challenges for the princess supporters!
Ask me for more information… Message me!

I hope you are looking forward to it! Bye!

This is the part where you have to reply and start the debate!

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