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[Verse 1]
Do anda want to
Ride in a big limousine?
Tell me do anda want to
Take a little bite of the fame machine?
If anda wanna be discovered
And end up on the cover've every star-studded supermarket, pasar raya magazine
You can do it
Stick right to it.
It could happen tonight.

You wanna be famous. (famous)
You wanna be the one who's living the life.
You wanna be famous. (famous)
You wanna be the one who's taking a free ride.

[Verse 2]
Do anda want to
Cut to the front of the line?
Baby, do anda need to
See your name in lights just like the Hollywood sign?
Come on, we gotta work harder.
Fight the fight together.
Take you...
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The BTR boys have been grabbing a million girls' hearts. They have 1 debut album, 2 movies, 2 KCA nominations. They toured around the US last summer(2010) and toured Eropah recently. Well, How about WORLDWIDE? Like Asia atau Australia atau New Zealand? atau anywhere else in the world they haven't toured?

IF anda WANT THE BOYS OF BTR TO COME TO YOUR TOWN GO TO THIS LINK: link atau cari "will big time rush have a world tour?" ON Google AND CLICK ON THE THIRD ONE DOWN.

thankyou for reading
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Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh yeahhh x3

For there is so many things that
I never ever got to say
Cause I'm all toung tied with
My words getting in the way

If anda can read my mind
Then all your doubts will be left behind
And every little thing will be falling into place
I will scream to the world
They will see your my girl BUT I JUST

Keep getting STUCK STCUK
But I'm never giving up up
In the middle of a perfect day
Cuz I'm trippin over words to say
Cause I don't wanna keep anda guessing
But I always end up getting
But I'm never givin up up

I know that change is wasting
Tell me it's not too late
Cinta is not to keep me
But I'm walking strong keep getting
But I'm never givin up up

In the middle of a perfect day
Cuz I'm trippin over words too say
Cause I don't want to keep anda guessing
But I always end up gettin
STUCK STUCK but I'm never telah diberi UP UP
big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that anda are Friends on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.
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Logan Henderson stars in the new Nickelodeon live-action comedy series Big Time Rush as Muzik group member Logan, the brains of the operation who is the voice of reason for his friends.

A native of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, Henderson always wanted to be in the entertainment business but wasn’t certain how to get started. After he attended an Berlakon studio in his hometown at age 16, he fell in Cinta with acting. His first on-camera role was as a guest bintang on the Televisyen series Friday Night Lights. “We filmed in a movie theatre and I was in a fight scene with the main character, Smash,”...
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Carlos Pena stars on the new Nickelodeon live-action comedy series Big Time Rush, as Muzik group member Carlos, who loves to have fun and treats life like one big playground.

Pena, who was born to a Dominican mother and a Spanish/Venezuelan father, spent the first part of his youth in Columbia, Mo. before moving to Weston, Fla. Once settled in Weston, he joined a boys’ choir and found himself at utama in musical theater. While developing his vocal skills, he also studied gitar and piano. Looking for an opportunity to break into tunjuk business, he landed a job for the Super Soaker Water Gun...
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