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posted by AdaLove
A giant statue of Egyptian goddess Taweret existed on the Island since at least the 1800s. Jacob lived under the statue for an unknown amount of time, even after its partial demolition sometime before 1974. sejak 2004, only the left anak lembu and foot remained. The statue has only four toes on each foot. The statue was confirmed sejak ABC to depict Taweret, and has since been confirmed again sejak the solution to a puzzle in the May 2009 issue of Wired magazine, which was edited sejak Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams.

* 1 Description
o 1.1 Statue exterior
o 1.2 Plinth interior
* 2 History
o 2.1 Ancient Times
o 2.2...
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[Shot of Claire's eye opening. We hear a baby crying and see Claire looking around. She sits up and she isn't pregnant. She hears the baby cry, gets up and walks into the jungle to find the baby. We see Locke sitting at a meja, jadual with a lamp, tarot cards, a meja, jadual runner, and crystals. He's dealing the cards [but we can't see what they are]. We hear the sound of a sword being unsheathed. There is wind and motion in the trees.]

CLAIRE: What's happening?

LOCKE: anda know what's happening.

CLAIRE: But I don't understand. Why --?

LOCKE: He was your responsibility but anda gave him away, Claire. Everyone...
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posted by AdaLove
[Shot of Kate walking up the pantai with bananas. She finds Sawyer's clothes and a paperback edition of Watership Down.]

SAWYER: [from the ocean] Hell of a book. It's about bunnies.

[We see Sawyer coming out of the ocean naked.]

KATE: [looking Sawyer up and down] Must be cold without your trunks.

SAWYER: anda bet. How about anda come a little closer and warm me up?

KATE: anda sure know how to make a girl feel special, Sawyer.

[Kate walks away.]

[We see Sawyer in a hotel room in katil with a woman, Jess.]

JESS: You're incredible Sawyer.

SAWYER: I Cinta you. Look at you. What do anda want, right now?

JESS: How...
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 Josh Randall as Nathan in 'The Other 48 Days'
Josh Randall as Nathan in 'The Other 48 Days'
For some time now, we've just accepted that Nathan (season 2, episode 7 Tailie from 'The Other 48 Days') is Canadian and that Ana Lucia merely had 'the wrong guy'.
I'm asking the question... Who is Nathan really?
On several re-watches of the episode, I started to realize there was a lot lebih going on than I originally thought.

One thing that's important to remember is LOST's Canada deception!

It's well known that EVERY other reference to Canada atau being Canadian on Lost (and there are many), is indicative of deception.

It stands to reason that Nathan may not actually be Canadian at all, atau if he...
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here's the story line of William Shakespeare's The Tempest:

The sorcerer Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda, have been stranded for twelve years on an island, after Prospero's jealous brother Antonio—helped sejak Alonso, the King of Naples—deposed him and set him adrift with the three-year-old Miranda. Prospero secretly sought the help of Gonzalo and their small and shoddy bot had secretly been upgraded to be lebih than sea worthy, it had been supplied with plenty of Makanan and water, it had an excellent perpustakaan and contained surviving material in case the bot capsized....
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Ever since Oceanic Flight 815 survivor Sayid Jarrah tried to murder young Ben Linus in (5.10) "He's Our You", and fellow survivor Jack Shephard refused to operate on the 14 year-old to save his life in (5.11) "Whatever Happened, Happened", I have heard komen-komen that compared Ben to Adolf Hitler. I have also heard komen-komen that compared Ben’s younger self to a "young Hitler". Many people have claimed that it was Ben who had ordered the deaths of the Dharma Initiative members on December 19, 1992. However, I have my doubts.


According to the series,...
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SAWYER'S RANT IN "LOST" (2.16) "The Long Con"

In the Season Two episode of "LOST" called (2.16) "The Long Con", Jack ransacked Sawyer's tent for some painkillers that the latter had previously taken.In response to Jack's action, Sawyer decided to pull a con job on the castaways, in order to secure control of their guns. When Sawyer finally revealed his con job to the castaways, he berkata the following:

"That's right, Jack. He's as stupid as anda are. anda were so busy worrying about each other anda never even saw me coming, did you? How about anda listen up because I'm only going to say this once....
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I have a confession to make. I must be one of the few viewers of television’s "LOST" who does not dislike the series' lead character, Dr. Jack Shephard. Before anyone makes the assumption that he is a kegemaran character of mine, let me make one thing clear. He is not. But for some strange reason, I do not dislike Jack.

For the past three atau four seasons, many "LOST" peminat-peminat have ranted consistently against Jack’s faults. Mind you, he is not the only flawed character in the series. In fact, most of the major charactes seemed to possess some very serious...
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1-Tell him Lost is so silly

2-Ask him what happened in the last episode while having lunch

3-Keep going on and on about how unrealistic it is

4-Ask him"What?Six seasons and they're still on the island?"

5-Refer to hurley as "The Fat Guy"

6-Tell him Heroes is much better

7-Mock Lost sejak making up stupid theories

8-Brag that Heroes has lebih peminat-peminat than Lost.

9-When seeing Dominic Monaghen on TV say "Hey,isn't that the guy from Lord of the rings"

10-Stand infront of the TV while Lost is on air.

11-If he starts talking about Lost Say "Ahh,Here we go,again"

12-Link anything from Lost to anything from Heroes

13-Say that Darlton are losing control of the story

14-Complain about the Boring Flashbacks of some episodes (Stranger in a strange land,House of the rising Sun,etc.)

15-Tell him he's totally Obsessed with a silly TV Show.
I wrote this artikel after viewing the Season Two episode, (2.09) "What Kate Did" some three years ago:

"LOST": A Tale of Two Fathers

Back in Season Two, "LOST" aired an episode called (2.09) "What Kate Did". The episode revealed the crime that led castaway Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) to being a fugitive for three years - she had murdered her father, Wayne Jensen (James Horan), and used his death to collect insurance for her mother, Diane (Beth Broderick). The episode also revealed Kate's reason for her act of murder. She had just learned that Wayne - a man she had presumed to be her stepfather...
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All credit to maisie7 on fanforum (I would post a link, but it’s fanforum…)

Their dialogues in their break up scenes:

THE INCIDENT (Juliet & James)

JAMES: I need anda to tell me where all this is coming from. I mean, one minute, you're leading the great sub escape, And now you're on board with blowing up the damn island? I got a right to know why anda changed your mind.

JULIET: I changed my mind when I saw anda look at her. Don't. don't.

JAMES: I don't care who I looked at. I'm with you.

JULIET: And anda would stay with me forever if I let you, And that is why I will always Cinta you.

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posted by AdaLove
[Sun and Claire on the beach.]

SUN: It's been 4 days.

CLAIRE: anda know, that's not that long. They berkata it could take up to 2 weeks to find a current. I mean, Michael knew what he was doing. I doubt anything...

[Sun notices that her wedding ring is gone. She starts frantically looking around and speaking in Korean.]

CLAIRE: What? What?

[Sun continues looking for her ring and speaking Korean.]

CLAIRE: Sun, what's wrong?

SUN: My wedding ring, it's gone.

[FLASHBACK to Sun putting a hair pin in her hair. Her mother enters.]

MRS. PAIK: [Subtitle: You're not planning on wearing that, are you?]

SUN: [Subtitle:...
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Shannon grew up without a mother and lived her early childhood years alone with her father. At the tender age of 8, Shannon's father married a woman sejak the name of Sabrina Carlyle, and along with Sabrina was her 10-year-old son, Boone Carlyle. This resulted in Sabrina becoming Shannon's stepmother and Boone becoming Shannon's stepbrother. Shannon never had a good relationship with Sabrina, but Shannon's and Boone's relationship blossomed as the years dragged on. ("Do No Harm") ("Abandoned").

Shannon became a ballet instructor at the age of 18 along with her best friend, Nora....
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.09) "What Kate Did"

Kate Austen has to be one of the most divisive characters on the ABC series, "LOST". The character has generated some very extreme reactions from the show's fans. The latter have either loved her atau hated her. I had harbored a good deal of dislike toward Kate, myself for a long period. However, my dislike stemmed from the writers' handling of her character and a good number of the fans' attitude toward the mistakes and crimes she had committed. A good example of this attitude could be found in the general reaction to the Season Two episode called (2.09)...
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1. Gather ingredients
2. Point gun at ingredients and shout “HOW DO I MAKE A sandwich, sandwic OUT OF YOU?!?!?”
3. Breathe heavily through your nose as though anda were about to hit ingredients
4. Give up and make the sandwich, sandwic yourself, and eat it bitterly

1. Make separate sandwiches, one with kacang, kacang tanah mentega and one with jelly
2. Take a bite of the kacang, kacang tanah mentega sandwich, declaring it the best
3. Take a bite of the jelly, jeli sandwich, declaring it the best
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 ad infinitum
5. Follow kacang, kacang tanah mentega atau jelly, jeli sandwich, sandwic into grave danger

1. Throw the jar of jelly, jeli at wall, sneering “I...
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This is my theory of what the smoke monster is based on the last episode "Dead is dead".

If anda have noticed sejak now Lost has lots of things from egypt in it, which made me think about the monster.

In the last episode when Ben went to be judged we see the image on the wall. Its Anubis bowing beofore a snake like creature in Egypt this was called "Apep the snake". Apep was the protector and one of the Egyption "Monsters". Apep was enemys with Ra the sun god.
Eygptions beleived Kucing where sacred and killing one was punishable sejak death. They even mourned their passing sejak shaving theoir eyebrows, now is it just me atau did Ben have a like of eyebrows in "Dead is Dead"? Maybe Ben was mourning the passing of Locke this way atau even Alex. Somkey however told Ben if he tried to kill Locke then he would be killed, maybe Locke represents the cat.
 See no eyebrows
See no eyebrows
Below is an artikel I had written about the Season Five episode of "LOST" (2004-2010) called (5.09) "Namaste":

"LOST" RETROSPECT: (5.09) Namaste"

"Namaste" is a term used commonly on the Indian subcontinent that is used as a greeting and a parting valediction between individuals. I suppose that this word might be the proper tajuk for this ninth episode from Season Five from ABC's "LOST". (5.09) "Namaste" served as a crossroad for the series' fifth season. It served as a closure for some of the season's story arcs and a beginning for others.

The episode opened where the sixth episode, (5.06) "316"...
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In the past, I have complained about the willingness of some "LOST" peminat-peminat to make excuses atau dismiss some of Kate Austen’s lebih serious mistakes and crimes. But after a Debat on the "TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY" forum about the character of James “Sawyer” Ford, I now realize that Kate was not the only popular character that peminat-peminat tend to defend. One other character has been defended just as much, atau perhaps even lebih than Kate. And I am referring to one James “Sawyer” Ford.

I suppose it made sense that Sawyer’s profession happened to be a con artist. Several years following the deaths...
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posted by TheLostBrotha
 The advert that made me started watching LOST...
The advert that made me started watching LOST...
The hari was the 10th of August 2005. Lost Season 1 had started in Britain. I never knew I would be hooked to a TV tunjuk like this and I really didn't think about it!
Lets start of why I started to watch it. Everyone should be aware of the famous link for LOST. I saw it when flicking through the channels. I flicked over to Channel 4 and saw some people dancing around on a beach. I was and still am a major Lord Of The Rings peminat and when I saw Dominic Monaghan in the advert, I had to watch it. Many magazines had artikel-artikel wrote how good it was but I never paid much attention to it. Soon as I knew...
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He opened his eyes and immediately wished he hadn’t. The fierce yellow glare of the sun flooded his vision, stunning him. He blinked rapidly, his eyes quickly adjusting to the brightness. He squinted for a while at the sky, unable to think. Where was he?

His breath caught in his throat as he realized he wasn’t on the plane. He was lying on his back, outside, staring up at the sun. And his ears were ringing.

Without thinking, he sat up. A rush of blood to the head blurred his vision momentarily, but that wasn’t enough to block from his sight the carnage that he was surrounded by. He was...
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