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This Cinta foto contains kulit, skintone, bogel berwarna, dengan telanjang separa, bogel tersirat, kulit skintone aurat berwarna, and separa bogel. There might also be neonate, newborn, newborn infant, newborn baby, potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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Author: Tamra L. Noe

I Cinta anda lebih than life itself
But I’m afraid to love.
My hati, tengah-tengah is like the fragile wings
Of a tiny little dove.

I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
You'll Cinta me for a little while
Then you'll set me free again.

I've lived so long on hopes and dreams
I don't know what to do.
I don't think I can trust my heart,
For it belongs to you.

I know you'll only hurt me
Yet, I still keep running back.
Between the paths of our hearts
There's a worn and beaten track.

You've got my hati, tengah-tengah held on a string.
It’s breaking right in two.
Enough belongs to me -to hurt-
The rest belongs to you.

I know that somewhere in your hati, tengah-tengah
There is a place for me.
I just don't know how to find it
And there's no way to make anda see.

I can only hope that someday
You'll wake up and you'll find,
That while my hati, tengah-tengah belongs to yours,
Yours, too, belongs to mine.
Official Muzik video © 2003 VIVA Cinta song You're like a dream to me.
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