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Kanji Name     小早川ゆたか
Romaji Name     Kobayakawa Yutaka
Gender     Female
Age     14-15
Status     Alive
Date of Birth     December 10
Birthplace     Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type     A
Height     137cm

She has a weak constitution and would often get sick, so she rarely made Friends in the sebelumnya schools she was in. Because of this, she became very happy when she became Friends with Minami and eventually other...
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At 12 PM, Miyuki Takara goes to Izumi's house and says to Sōjirō "Where is Konata?"
"She was in Great Britain because she accepted the challenge of British game show." Sōjirō says.
"She has registered the game show."
In London, at 3 AM, Konata and Tsukasa are sleeping in the boarding house.
15 hours later, Konata and Tsukasa are going to the studio with taxi. Konata pays £1.49. Konata and Tsukasa go inside the studio.
"Where is Going for Diamond?" Konata says.
"At the seventh floor." an employee says.
"Thank you."
Konata and Tsukasa go to the elevator, going to the seventh floor and waiting...
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