lumforever My First Anime RP; Part #5

lumforever posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 03:32PM
Part #5

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: stop it, please just stop! *flings purple fire ball at Jemuzu*

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu dodges the fire ball.
Jemuzu: What happened to you was wrong! I know that. I'm not saying you have to be happy about what happend. But even your family would want you to at least have your own will! If not happiness, freedom

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *tear falls from eye* you're wrong! they would want me to get our revenge! i have to! i must, for my family!

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: The people you're hurting now had nothing to do with that! Ciel didn't, Alois didn't, neither did I! Live for yourself Ai!!!!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i don't want to go back to hell but i have been sending people there for 400 years, how! i won't let you tell me what to do, if i have my own will then i can stand up to you! *drops green doll and turns into a person named Ichimoku*
Ichimoku: so, what did i miss?
Ai: this is against the rules, but i don't care, torture him, Ichimoku! *points at Jemuzu*

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Good! that's it. The freedom of your own choice! F*ck the rules! Who needs them! (Get's in a fighting stance and looks at Ichimoku)

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ichimoku: but miss, he is not on the list of victims...
Ai: i don't care, kill him!
Ichimoku: *to Jemuzu* you did this. she wasn't like this before! you're making her worse! her heart was breaking because of taking them to hell. but the truth was, it wasn't breaking, it was coming back. she never had a heart before, hers was slowly coming back so she would have feelings again. by doing this, you have made her evil again. all of the 400 years of humanity, gone in the blink of an eye.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu:(to Ichimoku) No! She made herself evil. She's choosing that path. I don't truely know her, but If that's the decission made by her true will, then I respect it! Your commander gave you an order Ichimoku. Are you going to follow it or not?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ichimoku: *to Ai* please, miss. think about your decisions! you need to stop this! i know i owe you something but i will not help you if you keep doing this! you have feelings, and emotions, let them shine through the evil dark force that you have now become!
Ai: *to Ichimoku* if you won't give him pain then i will! *looks at Jemuzu*
Ichimoku: *stands by Jemuzu* i am going to help you fight her.
Ai: this will send me to hell, but if it means pain to you, then so be it!
Ichimoku: you would do this to make him misreable! send yourself to hell?! please stop this!
Ai: you don't want to see another child burn? *starts crying blood* well look at me...*lights on fire* i'm burning!

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: No! (Grabs Ai's shoulders and they both are engulfed by fire) You control the flame Ai! Only you can put it out. Please! don't let hate consume you! Take it from someone who's gotten their revenge. Killing the man who got my wife taken out of that hospital didn't bring her back! I'm trying to help you Ai!!!!!

xXitachiXx said:
[wow this stuff is getting deep bro..xD]
itachi: were df else would he be damn it
tobi: *thinking*
itachi: the hidden rain?
tobi: oh yeaa of corse wanna look there
itachi: do I have a choice
tobi: ...

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *sings* why do crimson branches dance, underneath a tree? why do silky flowers fall, from their flower bed? children are playing but they will all drop dead.
Ichimoku: Miss Ai!
Ai: *looks at Ichimoku* if it wasn't for me, you would be trapped in the gates of hell right now, you are the only one i saved. *looks down* what have i done?! *screams and then disappears.
Ichimoku: Ai! *to Jemuzu* we have to help her! no one else will!

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu:(To Ichimoku) What happend?! Where did she go?! How do we help her?!
(All in the next exciting episode of RANDOM RP!!!! XD just kidding)

izbia150 said:
ciel:*gets on roof of car*i'm coming if she wants to kill me then so be it even if she takes me to hell sebastian will get me out of it again

lumforever said:
InuYasha: *walks around....* (to jemuzu) i heard a scream. what happened

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: *Itching his arm and trying to drive XD* Are you crazy kid!?! damn ITCH!!!!! *Scratches*
Jemuzu: (To Inu Yasha) I don't know exactly but, it's not good. Who are you? (To Ichimoku) What exactly just happened?

ciel:what if i am? *smirks*plus i'll have sebastian with me
sebastian:let me do that *takes the wheel from arekkusu*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu stops the humvee.
Arekkusu: Crazy kids with demon butlers, girls from hell, ninjas, f*ckin' ninjas! Foxes with nine tails, and this GD itch WTF!!!! *scratches* I need a vacation and some aloe vera... F*ck.

lumforever said:
InuYasha: (to jemuzu) well we should at least try to look around and see if we find anything.

izbia150 said:
ciel;call me that again and i'll let sebastian do whatever he wants to you *smirks again*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: I WAS TALKING BOUT ALOIS!!!! *nervously places his hand on Sebastian's shoulder* Besides Sebastain and I are cool *bead of sweat* (To Sebastain) Right buddy.

Jemuzu: Right. Ichimoku, you know Ai best out of all of us. Where do we begin

lumforever said:
InuYasha: i say how about we follow her scent. after all i am a half dog demon. i can track her scent for you guys

izbia150 said:
sebastian;i hate humans why would i like you? i hate you you pointed a gun at my master

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: You won't let that go will you?
Jemuzu:(To Inu Yasha) Do you know what she smells like?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ichimoku: you can't track her by her scent, she has none. she is a spirit, remember? there are only two place that she could go; her home or...hell. two of our friends, Hone onna and Wanyudo are coming, they can take us to her home. they will also have to learn the bad news of our mistress disappearing. let's just hope she doesn't stay gone forever.
*two people appear*
Ichimoku: Hone Onna, Wanyudo. you're here, good. miss Ai has disappeared, we need you to take us to the house to see if she is there.
Hone Onna: *whispers to self* again, Ai?
Wanyudo: who are they? *points to Ciel, Sebastian, Inuyasha, Jemuzu and Arekkusu*
Ichimoku: they are our friends, they want to help us find Ai.
Hone Onna: well she is not at the house, we were just there.
Ichimoku: then that leaves one place...

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu walks up to Jemuzu
Arekkusu: Jemuzu what about the ninetails?
Jemuzu: My mission earlier was successful. The ninjas are tagged. Besides this situation isn't about money Arekkusu, It's our very souls themselves. (To Ichimoku) I say we try her house first

lumforever said:
InuYasha: damn! i thought tracking her would work for sure. well im not going to hell. Hone onna and Wanyudo better show up soon
(BTW- i never seen hell girl b4 so i didnt know she was a spirit)

izbia150 said:
sebastian:i am not your friend
ciel:shut up demon!
sebastian;yes my lord

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: well we can try the house but i don't think she will be there.
Wanyudo: everyone close your eyes when you open them, we will be there. but stay clear of the spider.

izbia150 said:
sebastian;isn't alois the queens spider? just like your the watch dog *smirks*
ciel;you know i gave up that title

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: It's alright. I'll go to hell if nessicary. Besides *Pulls out an I-Pod* I've kinda always wanted to do something.

lumforever said:
Inuyasha: dont worry. that spider will be dust if i use the backlash wave on him. come one lets go in *heads toward door*

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: no, you don't understand, if the spider sees you, you will go to hell. you could say he is the devil.
Ichimoku: he is the one who gave Ai this life of revenge.
Hone Onna: Ai's grandmother is here too, but she souldn't be a problem.
*all walk inside*

lumforever said:
InuYasha: damn that spider! well at least her grandmother is here she could give us some clues

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu puts on his earbuds and presses play
Jemuzu:*thinks to himself* how fitting.
(plays the song: highway to hell)

lumforever said:
InuYasha: wow, what a great time to use that song.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: she doesn't speak to anyone except the mistress.
Ichimoku: *walks over to computer* five messages already, all wanting revenge.
Wanyudo: what fools these humans are, always wanting revenge, it's as if that is the only thing that matters to them.
Ichimoku Ren: i'll go check the mistresses room *walks to room*
Wanyudo: i'll look for the spider. Hone Onna, you stay here with them.
Hone Onna: come one, there is a garden out side. she could be there. *walks outside

lumforever said:
InuYasha: its worth a try *follows hone onna

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu:*flashes rock on sign lml/ to Inu Yasha* can't beat AC/DC man.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: this is where it all started, the garden at the mountain where she was found alive...and killed. *leans against tree* where could she be?
*Wanyudo walks over to Hone Onna and whispers something in her ear*
Hone Onna: no, then it's true! this is bad

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu takes off earbuds.
Arekkusu: Wait a second. We gotta go to!
Jemuzu: Lemme guess... she's in hell.
Arekkusu: I ain't going to hell! F*ck you Jemuzu!
Jemuzu: Either you can go there with us, or that spider can drag you there.
Arekkusu: Man, this is some bullsh*t.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: the spider is gone, which means...
Ichimoku: she is in hell.
Hone Onna: everyone close your eyes again. we are going on a little boat ride to hell.
Wanyudo: i have to stay here and take care of the new messages.
Hone Onna: okay, we will be back...hopefully.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: I gotta ask Hone Onna. Is there any way she can be freed from the curse without being sent to hell?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: you know, i wish there were. whenever she decides she does not want this life anymore, the spider takes her to hell. that is why it is always watching her. it needs to know when she wants to stop. i hate this feeling, all i ever wanted to do was help her and when the time finally comes, i am powerless.
Ichimoku: you and me both.

izbia150 said:
sebastian:me and the young master going back to hell after 2 years huh
ciel:shut up

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: just close your eyes and you wont have to see it. everyone close them, when you open them, we will be there to save miss Ai.
*everyone closes their eyes and when they open them Hone Onna and Ichimoku are gone and you here Hone Onna's voice in the distance*
Hone Onna: we are sorry, but you cannot come until you die. we will be back soon with Miss Ai. watch for the spider...he is coming

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: So... This is hell... Hey Arekkusu, remind me to get a postcard.
Arekkusu: Jemuzu if we don't make it out of here... I swear man I'm gonna kill you.
Jemuzu: We'd already be dead.
Arekkusu: Yeah... Well... I'm gonna kill you again

izbia150 said:
ciel:we're not in hell you baka!

Looks like I finally got in ~
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hampir setahun yang lalu Clutch13 said…
Arekkusu: Crazy kids with demon butlers, girls from hell, ninjas, f*ckin' ninjas! Foxes with nine tails, and this GD itch WTF!!!! *scratches* I need a vacation and some aloe vera... F*ck.

hampir setahun yang lalu narlyvamp1234 said…
one of my favorites as well