Magical Creatures Fey RPG. sertai now!

relinques posted on Feb 25, 2010 at 11:38PM
A very interesting Fairy RPG -- it's filled with drama, and war!


Welcome to the Immortal World of the Fey, a land wrought with magical beings with power enough to destroy the world. Once a peaceful continent of Kingdoms, the powers of Dark, Fire and Ice Fey are consumed with greed, challenging the Light Council and their wall that divides them.

Invaded by Dark forces, causing so much bloodshed and death, the Death Fey rebelled out of frustration, sending the two councils back to their lands. The Dark Council, still seeking power, employs plans to overthrow the Light Council, in hopes the Death Fey stay out of it.

What side will you choose?




Please join for some fun! =D

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