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posted by randomgirl3000
We’ve all been there… while rushing to get your mascara on, lebih of it ends up on your lid than on your lashes. atau anda press a little too hard with your liquid liner and it looks like you’ve been taking crazy pills. My kegemaran of all offenders: you’ve created a masterpiece then with a heavy hand anda try a new powder and now look like your grandmother’s friend whose make-up is so thick anda could scratch your name across her cheek. But fear not ladies; make-up is temporary! No need to start over from scratch. Here are my kegemaran tips that have rescued me throughout the years.

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1. Do wear under-eye concealer
Concealer helps with under-eye circles.
For a fresh face, it’s helpful to mask any under-
eye bags atau dark circles with a touch of
concealer. A product like the TrèStiQue Concealer
Crayon does an amazing job of brightening this
often purple atau red area, even if you’re seriously
exhausted. It’s also gentle enough to never
irritate this delicate and sensitive under-eye

2. Don’t go too much lighter than
your foundation
Choose your concealer carefully.
The ever popular contouring trend has
unfortunately led women to harshly contrast their
bronzer and concealer colors....
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posted by randomgirl3000
WRONG COLOR FOUNDATION - This is a very big one. If your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone, it is the wrong color for you. A lot of women try to go a little darker than their skin tone to give them lebih color. anda can match your foundation to your skin tone and give yourself some color if anda wish with a little smartly dusted-on bronzer and blush on the apples of your cheeks.
DARK LIP LINER – If paired with a lighter lipstick the look is simply bizarre. Try a lip liner in a shade almost the color of your natural lip. Warna like spice, hazel atau nude usually do the trick. anda never...
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posted by randomgirl3000
1) Look at what jewelry anda look best in. Do anda look best in gold? Then anda need to get a red lipstick with an orange undertone. Look better in silver? Then a red lipstick with a BLUE undertone.
2) Look at your wrist. Are your veins blue atau an zaitun colour? (ya know, kinda green)
Blue = blue undertone red lipstick
zaitun = orange undertone lipstick.

Note: If anda look best in both emas and silver jewelry, then anda can pull off either lipstick c: same with your wrist. If anda can’t even see them very well, anda can also pull off both c:
Okay, many make up users have that moment where they want to SWITCH Warna but keep some, and not look silly atau clownish. Take advise from ME. A pro taught me about makeup.
Well if anda are dark, try light pinks, light light greens, light purples, and other light eye shadow colors!
Many darker people prefer red lipsticks, dark pinks and purples and browns, well what they really need is a naked atau SNOB from Mac! If anda darker people think, "Those Warna will make me look silly" well anda must apply it right because that all brightens your face!
Lighter people need the same too! But they can wear reds too! Like reds from Victoria's secret.
Mixed warm skin people can use any color eye shadow BUT dark blue and black. Red lipsticks? Accepted!

Anymore questions? komen atau innocent me!
posted by randomgirl3000
Rule #1: Never Pair a Red Lip with a Blue Shadow
With the array of blue hues and the myriad of red pigments available, this idea can absolutely be squashed. For instance, a gloss with bright, sheer color won’t overpower a deep navy blue eye, making the two complementary, not conflicting. Don’t be overwhelmed! In fact, this outdated rule shouldn’t apply to any bold color combos.

Rule #2: No Shimmer Shadows after 30
Wait. What? So long are the days when shimmer shades accentuated every – ahem – wrinkle. With new pigments and formulas, eyeshadows have a velvety texture for smooth distribution...
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posted by randomgirl3000
1) Keep the darkest Warna close to the (outer) lashline. Anything too dark beyond your crease, rising towards your brow, looks crazy.

2) If shadow ends up too close to the brow, loose powder can be used over the edges to make it disappear a bit. It won’t rid of it completely, but it will hide it pretty well if you’ve applied too much.

3) Never underestimate tight lining. I prefer to use gel liner, but pencil is easier for someone just starting out.

4) The bigger (not clumpier) the lashes, the better.

5) When in doubt, I apply a thin line of super smudge-able liner to my lash line and blend with a pencil brush. The result is super smokey, and looks great.
posted by randomgirl3000
When applying blush, anda want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within. Read below for tips on how to put on make-up.

1. Tap atau lightly blow on the applicator brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven application. 2. Apply your blush on the epal, apple of the cheek and carefully blend towards your natural hairline. 3. If anda have two shades, apply the darker one on the epal, apple of the cheek first, then use the lighter shade to highlight. Blend well so there is no visible line between colors. 4. Highlight your temples, forehead and chin.

Tip: To...
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posted by randomgirl3000
1.Exfoliating is key: The secret to the perfect fake tan. When skin is covered in dead skin cells, self tanner will stick to them and you’ll end up with an uneven, blotchy tan! It’s best to begin exfoliating a couple days prior to self tanning, to mostly rid your skin of dead skin cells. anda should always use different exfoliators for your face and body since the skin is completely different. Use a specified face exfoliator for your face, I use one sejak Bioelements, but Burt’s Bee’s also makes a great one at a fraction of the price. As for your body: anda should either completely dry brush...
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Tatu & bruises:

if anda are like me then anda are constantly banging your shins with luggage & bumping your elbows on walls while carrying laundry (or makeup kits). these clumsy moments may leave anda with unsightly bruises. covering them up may be easier than anda thought.

the technique used to cover up a bruise is similar to the technique used to conceal a tattoo. Tatu can be tricky when they are composed of multiple different colors, but for today’s tip, i will focus mainly on bluish tones as those are the most common & a good place to start.

blue is a cool color. on the color...
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To get a smooth look, use your moisturizer, then prep your face with matte finish foundation - not too much, just to give the face a smooth and pretty glow.
The trick is before using the foundation, warm it up a little in your palms, then pick up small amounts at a time with a thick brush atau your finger and gently brush ke hadapan until it's completely blended into the skin. Don't use too much powder, however if your skin is oily it's ok to press a little bit of powder down through those oily T-zone areas, so that anda don't feel too shiny. Just remember, when applying foundation, the main...
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