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I am a peminat of Martha Speaks. Now, I'm not exactly in the age group... I'm 14.
But I Cinta this show, I always have. I've been watching the tunjuk since it came on.
But... Lately, I feel like it's losing it's charisma... Ever since the newest season came on, it's not as good. The tunjuk goes too fast, in my opinion. I feel like they aren't concealing the definitions very well. Like, they used to put them in in a way that anda could notice them, but it didn't stray from the plot.
The stories feel cheesier and not as good as they were. But worst of all, some of the voice cast has been changed. I hate...
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♫♫ Martha was an average dog. She went -

(Bark)... And... (Woof).... And... (Grrrrr).

But when she ate some alphabet soup, then what happened was bizarre.

Scientist: On the way to Martha's stomach, the letters Lost their way. They traveled to her brain and now-

She's got a lot to say. Now she speaks.

Martha: How now brown cow?

Martha Speaks. Yeah, she speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks...

What's a caboose? When are we eating again?

Martha speaks...

Martha: hei Joe, what d'ya know!

Heelen: My name's not Joe.

She's not always right but still that Martha speaks.

Martha: Hi there!

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