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The best 100 songs ever played on MARTIANAMERICANS.COM in 2008 that were picked sejak THE M-A MAN from over 1100 unsigned bands and 7000 songs in a 10 months period. This is a true and honest opinion and it's not coming from a byest standpoint in any way!

(1) Sara Niemietz.....Finest Hour
(2) "E" ™ .....COULD I
(3) Brent Pongetti.....Nothin Wrong
(4) Juliana Joya.....Better Be Good
(7) The Morning Of.....Reverie
(8) phoenix block.....Future Calling
(9) Madi Simmons.....Come Onto Me
(10) Amanda Marsh.....With This Kiss
(11) The Access.....Pressing...
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NGP(No Good People)video was the video of the week on the last week of November @ Enjoy it!
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Martian [mahr-shuhn] were wandering around the universe looking for a new young talented groups. They found these groups (Bands, Models, photographers,Artists...etc) during one of their landing on earth. So they kept up with these young talented groups even when they were far away in the galaxy. They (MARTIAN) associated their name with these young talented groups sejak calling themselves MARTIAN AMERICANS!!.
MARTIAN AMERICANS received a signal from earth that a famous Hollywood bintang is CLUELESS as to what all these groups are about. They decided to explain if need be. They assigned an M-A MAN to take small group every Sunday and see if our friend is still CLUELESS!! (We think our friend will be CLUELESS for a long time!!!)

Our talented Friends are what makes the Martian Americans website so special. Our Cinta for Muzik and art inspired all of our ideas. 3 Martian Americans dedicated many hours to perfecting this goal under M-A MAN's supervision.
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