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lolxx posted on Feb 11, 2008 at 07:02PM
Okay im changing the subject ,Where did you get your passion for metal and who do you think are the greastest icon in metal 2dy
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hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
There are several genres and sub-genres of metal so I have a favorite for almost each one:
-Gothic metal- The Birthday Massacre is the best.
-Extreme metal- Cradle of Filth
-Alternative metal- Marilyn Manson and Slipknot forever because no one would ever be like them.
-Industrial metal- Mnemic, not many people know them but if you like Slipknot you may also like them.
-Nu metal- Korn or Limp Bizkit are really good.
-Metal- Bullet for My Valentine is the best one of the genre I know.

I don't remember the rest of the other genres.
hampir setahun yang lalu ilovehinder said…
extreme metal: lamb of god
alternative metal: marilyn manson, avenged sevenfold
industrial metal: disturbed
nu metal: korn and otep
hair metal:motley crue
thrash metal: black tide
black metal: dimmu borgir
thers countless amounts of metal bands i love, but those are my favs
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hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Mnemic, and Cradle of Filth are the kings. The best ones ever.
hampir setahun yang lalu DrummerBoi444 said…
to many to add and im to tired but top 5
is 1)lamb of god
5)iron maiden
hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
You are into old school metal, aren't you?
hampir setahun yang lalu lolxx said…
I love the way metal is so complex you could be into one band and not ather like I love old school but I perfer dark and gothic metal my fave goth metal band is HIM they roc
hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
Metal and its sub-genres are one of the best types of music.
hampir setahun yang lalu lolxx said…
yeh I lv metal , I hate when people who don't give it a chance write it off as niose and sreaming it's so much more than that it's a pasion an unstopable force with anger but yet with a gripping melody and meaning I no It may not be for everyone but at least aknowalge It as a genre and is part of music.
hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
Agree with lolxx, metal music is addictive.
hampir setahun yang lalu WickedDesigns said…
Disturbed and they are not industrial.
hampir setahun yang lalu Dark_Silence said…
Disturbed is not industrial, but they are still metal.
hampir setahun yang lalu PrinceKiseki said…
King Diamond
Iron Maiden
White Zombie
hampir setahun yang lalu SubZero76 said…
Rob Zombie
All That Remains
tons of others. too many to list.