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David Nordahl recalls: ''In November 1994,I spent 2 weeks with Michael and Lisa Marie at the Trump Towers in in New York. I was there to work on 2 projects for Michael while he was in the recording studio. Michael and Lisa Marie were great together and a lot of fun to be with. In 1995 Michael asked me to do a painting of the 2 of them. Not one to do a normal portrait,he came up with a creative vision of how he wanted to portray their Cinta for each other.
Michael gave me a senarai of things he would like to see in painting. I made a skectch and sent the original to him. He called me when he received it. He called me when he received it. He berkata he loved it and not to change a thing except to make the istana, castle lebih 'fanciful'
At this time,I was working on 3 atau 4 projects for Michael. I asked if I should set aside these projects in favor of this painting. Michael told me to finish what I was working on and to do the paintings afterwards. Sadly,by the time I got around to this painting, Michael and Lisa Marie had separated.''
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