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 I have faith in all anda do...
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"Well...im sure anda will find a man like me one day." Michael said. sejak the tremble in his voice Diane could tell that Michael was very uncomfortable with Beth staring at him like that.
Finally makan malam, majlis makan malam was over and Beth was getting ready to go home. "So when do i start?" Beth asked as she grabbed her things. "We'll let anda know...we're looking at some other nannies." Michael replied. "Okay well give me a call." With that Beth walked out the door.
Diane then stormed off, michael followed her. "Diane whats wrong with you?" Michael asked following her into the Kitchen. "Whats wrong???Beth is whats...
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"I just can't stop loving you...OK,guys,done for today!Good job!",Michael berkata as he came out of the recording studio.He went out for some fresh air.He needed it,it's been 2 years since Rose left.In that night,he wrote this song,hoping that someday,maybe,they'll sing it together...He was now sitting near sejak a tree,lying on the grass."Tomorrow...",he sighted.Tomorrow is the hari when 2 years lalu she left,leaving him alone.Everyday,he was waking up from the same nightmare,going to sleep with the same feeling of emptiness and saying 1000 times the same thing:Why couldn't I wait?.He had to go home.He...
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As everyone should know, Michael Jackson had a disease called Vitilgo. Duh. Well we need someway to get that through the minds of people who think he changed it.

~Did Michael change it?: No, but he did use some bleach to help it stop, and slow down. Michael would never change his skin, he once said: "I am a Black American, and proud of it"

~Did it change itself?: Somewhat. Vitilgo has been in Michaels family for years.It has come from his mother`s side of the family, and it was just 'his turn'/'his genoration' to get it.

Thank anda and I hope I answered some people`s soalan on "Did it change itself" because alot of people here wanted jawapan on that in the picks.

-Molly ♥
Tell the Bidadari no
I don't wanna leave my baby alone
I don't want nobody else to hold you
that's a chance I'll take
Maybe I'll stay, Heaven can wait
No, if the Bidadari took me from this earth
I would tell them bring me back to her
it's a chance I'll take
maybe I'll stay, Heaven can wait

You're beautiful, you're wonderful, incredible, I Cinta anda so
you're beautiful,
each moment spent with anda is simply wonderful
This Cinta I have for anda girl it's incredible
And I don't know what I'd do,
if I can't be with you
The world can not go on so every night I pray
If the Lord should come for me before I wake...
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As he came into the window,
it was the sound of a crescendo.
He came into her apartment,
he left the bloodstains
on the carpet.
She ran underneath the table,
he could see she
was unable.
So she ran into the bedroom,
she was struck down,
it was her doom.

Annie are anda ok
So, Annie are anda ok
Are anda ok, Annie
Annie are anda ok
So, Annie are anda ok
Are anda ok, Annie
Annie are anda ok
So, Annie are anda ok
are anda ok, Annie
Annie are anda ok
so, Annie are you
ok, are anda ok,

(Annie are anda ok)
(will anda tell us
that you're ok)
(he left the signs in the window
that he struck you, a crescendo, Annie)
(he came into your apartment)...
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I'm gonna tell your boyfriend, yeah
Tell him (Woo hoo)
Exactly what we're doin', yeah
Tell him what anda do to me
Late at night when the wind is free

I'm gonna tunjuk your boyfriend, yeah
Show him (Woo hoo)
The letter I've been savin', yeah
Show him how anda feel inside
And how loe could not be denied, oh no

We're gonna have to tell him
You'll only be a girlfriend of mine

We're gonna have to tell him
You'll only be a girlfriend of mine

You better tell your boyfriend, yeah
Tell him (Woo...
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The newest and most unusual product bearing the name of Michael Jackson, is a fragrance that smells like his hair. The perfume was created with the help of hair that had telah diberi himself a peminat of.

The company already released the scent of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon Bonaparte and many others. However, these fragrances are created sejak the genetic code (DNA) them.

In statements, the president of the manufacturing company said: "The flavor is unique, contains no alcohol, but aloe vera, that lasts all day."
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All anda gotta do is just walk away and pass me sejak
Don't acknowledge my smile when I try to say hello to you, yeah
And all anda gotta do is not answer my calls when
I'm trying to get through
To keep me wondering why, when all I can do is sigh
I just wanna touch anda

I just wanna touch and Ciuman
And I wish that I could be with anda tonight
anda give me Rama-rama inside, inside and I

All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real
You're not here with me, still I can feel anda near me
I caress you, let anda taste us, just so blissful listen
I would give anda anything baby, just make my dreams come true
Oh baby anda give me Rama-rama

Chorus x 2

If anda would take my hand, baby I would tunjuk anda
Guide anda to the light babe
If anda would be my love, baby I will Cinta you, Cinta anda
'Till the end of time

Chorus x 3
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